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4-channel bi-directional audio A/D and D/A converter
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Item Code: AJA00029
Manufacturer: AJA Video Systems
Part Number: ADA4
Warranty: 60M
Sold by: EACH
Price (incl. GST): $605.00
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Studio or Machine room applications for converting Analog audio from decks such as Beta analog cameras into AES digital standard. Useful when an analog deck must be integrated into a digital environment. Also,good for sound rooms.

Capabilities: The ADA4 is a 4 channel converter which can be configured as a 4 channel A/D, a 4 channel D/A, or 2 channel A/D and 2 channel D/A. The ADA4 can accept a Wordclock or video sync/color black reference input for synchronization. Reference input and synchronization is automatic. Audio levels are configurable via dipswitch control. A breakout cable is included with the unit.  Power supply included.

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