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HD/SD RAID Storage solution. Supports multi-stream SD, 10 bit Uncompressed 1080 HD workflows. 16TB RAW (approx 14TB in RAID5), up to 475MB/s. Single SAS Host Port and Power Supply Includes SAS HBA, 3yr warranty.
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Product Information
Item Code: SAN00173
Manufacturer: SANman
Part Number: SASCUBEHD16T1PS
Warranty: 36M
Sold by: EACH
Price: Call for Pricing
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SANman - The trusted name in high performance RAID solutions

SANman is your best choice for all demanding applications including broadcast video, security and medical imagery. Whether you need storage connected to a single computer or sophisticated shared workgroup SAN environments, SANman RAIDs deliver unbeatable manageability, compatibility, reliability, performance, and scalability. 

SANman is exclusively tested, configured and supported in Australia by our team of storage specialists so you can ensure your SANman system works first time with optimal performance. No need to mess around with installing, formatting and testing drives, setting switches, updating firmware, configuring RAID settings and performing reliability tests – our technicians have performed all these operations in our pre-testing and set-up which included in the purchase price.

All SANman RAIDs are built exclusively around Infortrend RAID subsystems. With extreme expertise in RAID technologies, Infortrend is the leading provider of RAID subsystems to support all storage interfaces. See below for details for the Infortrend RAID subsystem used in this SANman model.

SANman with Infortrend 8-Bay RAID Subsystem

A08S Cube is the world's first 8-bay desktop RAID subsystem adopting SAS host interface. As the successor of the SCSI Cube, it inherits the reliability and offers enhanced performance. In the applications involving intensive throughput and transactions, A08S can provide satisfactory processing efficiency.


The A08S Cube RAID series adopts the latest Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) interface technology. It resembles SCSI in reliability but excels in performance. With the RAID 6 technology included, A08S enables continuous operation even at the time when two disk drives fail at the same time. These industry-leading technologies make A08S Cube an ideal fit for the applications requiring high bandwidth and advanced data protection.


Besides the configuration-convertible (tower and desktop) feature inherited from the previous EonStor Cube series, A08S Cube further provides trendy choice of silver enclosure. You can enjoy the settings flexible for vertical and horizontal space allocations without sacrificing your elegant taste.


To save you from unnecessary expenses, we provide two models for your choice in this series. Depending on the application needs, you can select the configuration of either one or two SAS ports and power supply modules. With the flexibility, you can ensure that your limited budget is spent on what you really need.


Besides the LED indicators, audible alarms, and firmware utility, we also provide the powerful management suite, SANWatch, for your easy management of the subsystem. Its intuitive GUI and robust administration features bring you simplicity in array configuration and monitoring. Whether via Intranet or Internet, the status of your subsystem is always at your fingertips.  



SAS host interface technology High bandwidth, provide satisfactory processing efficiency even in transaction-intensive and throughput-demanding applications

5th generation, ASIC400 architecture:

  • Hardware RAID5 + RAID6 engine
Advanced fault tolerance, ensure data integrity even in multiple drive failure events

Supports video streams up to uncompressed 10-bit 1080 HD

Supports video streams up to uncompressed 10-bit 1080 HD
Powerful management suite, SANWatch, support Easy management and monitoring of your subsystem anywhere through Intranet or Internet
Convertible configuration: tower or desktop Flexibly fit the space allocations; when in desktop configuration, four subsystems can be stacked together
Two colors of enclosure: black or silver Consistent integration with the color tone of the setting environment

Flexible choice:

  • 1 PSU and 1 SAS port (A08S-C2131/A08S-C2133)
  • 2 PSUs and 2 SAS ports (A08S-C2132/A08S-C2134)
Make your money spent on what you really need
Drive interface: 3Gbps SATA-II disk drives Affordable choice for high capacity
Fault-tolerant hardware Redundant PSU and cooling modules enable high availability

Low noise:

  • noise lower than 41 dBA when the fans in low speed mode

Low acoustic noise for SOHO or small-business environments 

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