"Again, your people have been picture perfect. A seamless upgrade and your people were prompt, efficient, friendly and helpful. It is little wonder that we deal with Digistor."

Craig Larson, Channel Nine

About Us

Digistor. Now create.

Making something great...

All of our customers have a vision to create something great. It could be an animated video that goes viral, a tightly-edited TV series, a repository of millions of pieces of media, a world-class visual effects facility, a national news portal, an efficient broadcast graphics department, eye-popping special effects for a movie, the list is endless.

takes some preparation...

Yet every creative team has some hurdles to clear before they can get to work. They need someone to define the workflows and technical pipelines, specify the equipment, arrange finance, prepare the sites, install software and networks, train the staff and set up on-going support and maintenance.

before you can create.

Digistor takes care of everything except the creative process itself. We do all the planning, design, set up and maintenance. We work closely with our customers to understand their vision and get them over the hurdles, so the creative types can focus on what they do best. And once the creative team is up and running, we provide the support that keeps them there.

Who we are

30 Year Graphic

Digistor is experience

Managing Director Andrew Mooney founded Digistor in 1990. His experience designing, installing and maintaining services for broadcasters and post-production houses had made it clear to him that the industry needed a group of experts who could look at things objectively. The result is a company that for 30 years has been providing elegant solutions to leading organisations in the most technically-demanding application areas.

Digistor is recognised

Our customers are the "who's-who" of the industry and chances are they have had to find solutions to many of the same needs as you. Many of them have grown with us: from their first click on the keyboard to opening their 3rd post facility, starting their 20th TV series, completing a 10th blockbuster movie or delivering their 10,000th streamed broadcast. Whatever their area of expertise, Digistor has supported them every step of the way.

With initial consulting and scope of works, then roll-out, commissioning and training and then on-going support services and service-level agreements we've ensured that their people could get on with the job of being creative, unhindered by technical issues or limitations.

Digistor is Australia-wide

With customers throughout Australia, Digistor provides design, installation, and support to companies nationally. Digistor has more than 25 staff and is a respected provider of technology solutions to the VFX, post-production, broadcasting and digital media industries in Australia.

What we do

Taking a digital production system from an idea to a completed facility that produces and manages quality content is not simple. Even upgrading your existing technologies to keep up with the latest developments can be a challenge.

You have the vision for your business, you know where you want to be, but do you know how to design a first-class digital production facility that can take you there? To make sure you get the best and most suitable equipment, you need expert advice from people who know the technology and can translate your vision into reality.

That's Digistor. We've designed and built hundreds of high-end solutions, so we know how to get you where you need to be. We'll take you through three simple steps to help you realise your vision: design, build, support.

Three simple steps to realise your vision: design, build, support.

You dream it, we design it...

You know what you want to achieve, and we know the best combination of technologies and services to enable you to achieve it. So how do we do find the combination that's perfect for you?

Our approach is to sit down with you, define the outcome you want and come up with a range of solutions. We step you through these, show you all the angles and explain which one works best. We can get right inside your workflow, map it all out, and literally diagram it so you see clearly how the solution matches your business needs.

We apply this approach to every job, whether you're installing a single workstation, building a complete studio, or setting up a multi-site facility with media shared across the room or across the world. We do this consistently across the entire spectrum of our customers, because we know it works.

Building a new VFX studio? Upgrading a broadcast facility? Setting up a media management and distribution pipeline? Building an animation studio? Starting a new TV series? Creating a content aggregation solution? Digistor can do it.

then we build and install it...

Once we're all agreed on what we're going to achieve, we bring together the people and the technology to make it happen. We have a strong project-management focus, and we apply a method we've developed through years of experience that enables us to avoid the pitfalls that entrap less experienced providers. The result is a system that's fit-for-purpose, professionally installed and fully-operational in the shortest possible time.

and finally, we support it and we support you.

And when the work is done, we stick around - we don't just sell you some technology then walk away. We build lasting partnerships with our customers because we know that this approach is best for both of us. Technology needs to be updated, people move and new staff need training, new opportunities arise that need new solutions. This is why we support you.

We can give you on-call telephone support 24x7; we can provide expert training customised to the specific things you want to do with the technology; we look after you and keep you up to date with developments in technology so you can keep ahead of the competition. And when the next project comes along we're ready to help you get moving quickly.

Why Digistor?

Our mission

It's all about your dreams. You dream it, and we design it. Our mission is to empower our customers through smarter technology and services.

Digistor Mission statement

What we value and envision

Our vision is to be recognised as the first-choice technology partner professionals turn to when they need elegant solutions to create and manage valued digital assets. In order to achieve this feat, our values are to always do our best to:

  • Exceed expectations
  • Delight the customer
  • Strive to be better
  • Be the solution
  • Act with honesty and integrity
  • Support respect and encourage each other

We know there's more to your business than technology

In-house information technology people will tell you that they can design and implement what you need themselves. Don't believe them. Technology isn't an end in itself, it's a means for you to achieve your business objectives. We bring an understanding of the total picture and how you can use technology to further your business with experience garnered from many businesses with similar applications.

We're independent and honest

At Digistor we're not tied to a particular supplier or technology brand, so we can work out the best solution for your needs and give you a range of options to suit your budget and timeframe.

We have close working relationships with the world's leading software and hardware companies including Avid Technology, Autodesk, Adobe Systems, Apple and many others, so we have access to a wide range of technologies.

This means we can be brutally honest. If something doesn't pass our rigorous standards we won't sell it. If you want us to sell you something we think is rubbish we'll say ‘No'. Our standards are high and based not only on experience, but on our policy of stress-testing everything we sell until we break it.

We realise the importance of uptime

We understand that your most expensive resource is your staff, so through professional training we'll get them up and running as quickly as possible and make sure they fully understand the power and capabilities of the technologies you've chosen.

We also know that time spent building new facilities is lost time, which is why we apply a comprehensive and tested project management system to stay within budgets and ensure that we hit deadlines. Every project has business goals, production goals, staffing goals and timeframe goals and we ensure that you meet all of them.

We know what you're about

Technology doesn't live in a vacuum - it's there to enable creative organisations and individuals to do their thing - and this is where we get our passion. We're thrilled by the challenges our customers throw at us and enthusiastic about seeing them using the solutions we provide.

With Digistor, it's not about the products and services, it's about seeing creative people thrive.

We deliver

Under pressure to deliver to a tight timeframe? We specialise in speed. Need something special? We've done dozens of unique bespoke solutions. Want support? We're your partner for the long term.

Our customers often say they keep coming back to us because we ‘Just get it'. There's no higher accolade than that. We understand the challenges you face in your business, and we thoroughly enjoy finding the best way to face them. It's what we do.