AV1 - Visualising Corporate Events

May 03, 2013

Audio visual production specialists AV1 engaged the services and support of Digistor in 2011 to further enhance their 3D visualisation division in which photo realistic 3D renders are produced and supplied to clients to showcase exactly how their event will look.

AV1Working in the business events industry, AV1 prides itself on creative use of technology, innovative solutions and customer service to produce seamless events for a range of clients in industries such as finance, medical, information technology and telecommunications.

“Our 3D visualisation service allows clients to actively participate in the creative development stage of their event. It’s far more meaningful to present an image or video fly-through of how the event will look rather than simply provide a shopping list of technical equipment”, said Keith Wootton, Managing Director.

AV1’s 3D CAD Specialist, Jonathan Yeoman, approached Digistor back in 2011 for the supply of several Autodesk products and digital media storage in the form of an InfoTrend EonNAS storage unit.

“Digistor have become a critical support service for me and considering the unique work flow we use, I rely on their knowledge and expertise regularly”, said Jonathan.

AV1“Typically, a design concept for an event will be modeled in 3ds Max and venue floor plans created in AutoCAD. Using the file referencing of the Autodesk applications, the floor plans from AutoCAD are imported into Max and extruded into 3D models.  Subsequent changes to the AutoCAD models are immediately reflected in the Max models”, explained Jonathan.

“Client corporate branding is imported into Max from an Illustrator file and custom set pieces are linked back to AutoCAD where we produce construction drawings for the workshops and even send files directly to the CNC machines.”

The event production process at AV1 is customer focused with the idea that 60% of work required to produce an event is done before arriving at the venue. Amongst other processes, the production of 3D renders and construction drawings means that every detail is covered, down to the smallest measurement, to ensure that there are no surprises onsite.

AV1“Syama and Andrew have been a great source of support and advice particularly through the development of our workflow and configuration of the associated hardware”, said Jonathan.

“Although we just have the one work station, we have a render farm of 120 processing cores that are fully utilised around the clock, so support like this is invaluable.”

AV1 is based in Sydney but operates throughout Australia and overseas. Just recently, AV1 was awarded the Meetings & Events Australia NSW award for Technical & Creative Production.

For more information about AV1 or to better understand how they use their range of Autodesk products, please contact Jonathan Yeoman on 02 8310 0319 or [email protected].