AVE Pty Ltd

SANmans turned into a SAN, man!

AVE - Creating Your VisionAVE Pty Ltd, an independent television video production company in Artarmon, were faced with the need to move their post facilities into a shared storage environment, but were reluctant to decommission their eight SANman 8 bay SCSI Towers being used at the time as direct attached storage.

Digistor was able to provide a solution that enabled them to utilise their existing storage, implement a true SAN environment and set themselves up for easy expansion into the future.

Established in 1988, AVE Pty Ltd produces over 200 hours of television programs per year for the major free to air Television Networks, Pay TV in Australia and for International Markets in SE Asia, UK and Europe.

Programs produced include:



  • INSIDE SPEED - FoxSports


AVE Pty Ltd also produces commercials and corporate videos. With state of the art facilities (HD, SDI, Component non linear edit suites), AVE provide services from concept, scripting to final completion of production.

SANmanSharing the SANman Drives 

All eight SCSI SANman Towers were connected to an ATTO 2400 R/D FibreBridge. This was then connected via dual 4Gbit Fibre Channel to a Qlogic 5602 SANbox Switch and the clients fitted with ATTO HBA’s and Commandsoft FibreJet SAN management software.

FibreJet lets clients share files and volumes of virtually unlimited size over a Fibre Channel based network. Virtually unlimited systems on the SAN can read and write to shared storage simultaneously. Each SAN attached computer accesses the storage as if it were directly attached, allowing AVE to share projects and files across a workgroup of editors.

This implementation enabled their 10 Final Cut Pro edit suites to share what had previously been isolated pools of storage. 

The solution also allowed for a seamless migration of their existing storage infrastructure and media into a true SAN environment with vastly improved workflows, operating efficiency and media management.

About Digistor

Established in 1990, Digistor is Australia's leading supplier of professionally supported solutions for the creation, management, storage and delivery of digital media. With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, the company has a proud history of providing elegant solutions to their customers’ production needs irrespective of complexity.