BATTLESHIP Premiere: Editing on the Red Carpet

May, 2012

Creative digital production company Captiv8 produced a night on the harbour and got to hang out with Rihanna, Brooklyn Decker, Taylor Kitsch and Director Peter Berg for the Australian premiere, BATTLESHIP. Add to that Australia's longest ever red carpet, 8 cameras, and a live stream to the edit suite in order to quickly cut publicity edits for the free to air networks and subscription television and you have the makings for an exciting evening.

BATTLESHIP Movie Premiere at Luna Park
"Ordinarily, for this sort of event editors would have to work back  until 11 or 12 at night before material would be ready for  delivery. For this job, the editing was basically finished when the  event finished."
Mike Corte, Director

Digistor customer, Catpiv8, is a creative digital production studio that combines three core areas of expertise in design, broadcast and digital to create TVCs, video content and results-driven interactive experiences.

For the BATTLESHIP Premiere, Captiv8 required an optimised method for the material to be edited and ready for broadcast - fast. Time to delivery to the TV networks was critical and there has typically, by necessity, been a delay of over 3 hours from the end of a live event when editing can commence until editing is completed. Digistor provided a solution allowing the editor to commence editing the TV packages while the event was unfolding - a true "edit while ingesting" solution.

Battkleship Banner"Our challenge was to edit on the fly as the live feed came in from the red carpet," explained editor Janneke. "We had to deliver a package as quickly as possible after the event so we contacted the experts at Digistor to see what solution they could suggest."

"When the event started at 6PM and we began to ingest the material into the suites, the editors were already editing," explained Jordan Tiburcio, Digistor's on-the-job Support Engineer. "The coverage of the event finished at around 8pm and they completed the edit at 8:30PM after which they sent all the materials via FTP and hard drives."

"Ordinarily, for this sort of event editors would have to work back until 11 or 12 at night before material would be ready for delivery," explained Mike Corte, Director, Captiv8. "For this job, the editing was basically finished when the event finished."

The "edit while ingesting" approach saved roughly 2-3 hours which had a domino effect. Delivery was faster and the different radio stations and TV stations received their material ahead of time.

The Solution

Battleship Edit SuiteEditing was undertaken with Final Cut Studio running on a Mac Pro connected to a SANman 8-Bay SASCube for media storage. The video and audio was encoded in real-time into the ProRes 422 codec using a Telestream Pipeline network encoder and then transmitted over a LAN to the editing system. Essentially, the Pipeline was encoding a continuous clip that had no ending, any section of which could be accessed and used in Final Cut Pro.

Pipeline is a network-based video capture and playout device for moving SD/HD SDI video and audio in and out of Mac/PC file-based workflows. It provides a choice of encoding formats in a single box to handle changing format needs. SD models encode to DV25, DVCPRO25, IMX, Apple ProRes 422 SQ and MPEG-2 I-frame. The HD model encodes to these plus DNxHD, DVCPRO HD and Apple ProRes 422 (HQ, LT, Proxy) formats.

The Solution

Apple Mac Pro

Apple Final Cut Studio 3

SANman 8-Bay SASCube

Telestream Pipeline via 1GB Ethernet

AJA HD10AMA Mini-Converter


AJA HD10AMA Mini-Converter

"Jordan was assigned as our technical guru and he set up the Final Cut Studio suite with Pipeline," added Janneke. "This allowed me to start editing the material in FCP as it was being shot. No more waiting for files to ingest before we started cutting!! I finished the edit just after the event finished and our clients were very happy with the short turnaround."

"The Pipeline is a low cost and compact alternative for an open file ingest," explained Jordan. "There are other products that we sell that perform a similar function including PictureReady (software only, so you need to factor in an Xserve/Mac Pro and shared storage) and Mog mxfSPEEDRAIL which is an ingest server but still requires shared storage. The Pipeline is a 1RU device that can ingest directly into a client's machine located anywhere on the network for as long as it has the Pipeline Control software running – no need for shared storage."

“Jordan was a pleasure to work with," commented Janneke. "Without the help of Digistor's and Jordan's expertise we wouldn't have had such a pleasing result.”


Workflow Diagram

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