Blue Post Melbourne & Sydney Facilities

January 2014

Blue Post

Blue Post was formed in 2003 by Peter Millington and Peter Carrodus to cater for long form film and television with a view to incorporate and utilise the best of breed digital technologies to allow their team to create high quality content with the most efficient workflows. With such Television credits as Powergames, Offspring, RUSH, Carlotta and Beaconsfield, Blue Post carries with it an impressive brand and prestige to the marketplace.

Blue PostIn 2013 Blue Post engaged Digistor to assist in providing hardware, software and services to help consolidate storage and workflows in the Melbourne office, but also assist in creating their brand new Sydney Facility. With these expansion plans Blue Post sought to engage with Digistor to be able to provide these services to both Melbourne and Sydney in tandem and continue to service the facilities on an ongoing basis.

Peter Millington originally approached Pete Brownstein from the Digistor Melbourne office to discuss alternative storage solutions to replace the existing MetaSAN setup that had been resident for a number of years. With the need for productivity increase and the requirement for fast storage , Blue Post engaged with Digistor to help consolidate storage into a single, fast and manageable storage solution in the DVS Spycerbox SAN in the Melbourne office.

With suites using products including Autodesk Smoke for their finishing, with raw media assets such as RED R3D and Grading through Davinci Resolve, there was no room for compromise when it came to the performance of the storage solution. As the storage solution is often the core of a facility, the discussions around storage were critical to the success of the implementation. One of the main considerations that was clear was that of running multiple productions at one time, and this was a key factor in Digistor's recommendation of the DVS Spycerbox as the core solution needed to be at the centre of the production workflow.

Blue Post

Blue Post Sydney however was a different proposition. With the success of the DVS SpycerBox in Melbourne and the obvious choice to standardise on the same storage solution, the Blue Post Sydney storage solution, whilst a greenfields solution, required as much thought and planning to keep the systems as similar as possible yet incorporate new creative tools.

Both Davinci Resolve and Smoke for Mac in Sydney were an essential requirement not only due to the skill set of the users coming on board but because of the knowledge from Blue Post and Digistor, that the combination of these two products would help Blue Post achieve speed and workflow enhancements over and above the competitive solutions in the market. Similarly the standardisation of the Production Edit Suites on Media Composer with the shared storage on AVID ISIS5000 was an obvious choice due to the robustness of the platform as well as the workflow productivity increases over and above the other NLE offerings on the market.

“With the number of long form projects ramping up in 2013, we needed to find a solution that would give us the scope to process up to 3 shows or more at a time without impacting on the performance of the storage. The DVS SpycerBox gave us the headroom to accomplish these tasks at hand” said Peter Millington. “Our MetaSAN which has been running non-stop for the last 5 years was just not coping with the sheer volume of work and we had to look for a solution to allow us to grow and implement better workflows to cope with demand. In the end the decision was a no brainer, Digistor could support both sites and understood exactly how we wanted to work. They were willing to help take us on that journey. Now we have two fully functioning production facilities able to turn around productions more efficiently and effectively."

“We are very proud of the work we have done with Blue Post and are thrilled with the amount of work they are creating in part due to the new infrastructure we have implemented with them" said Melbourne Sales Account Manager Pete Brownstein. "At the end of the day if the client is more productive then we have achieved our goal.”

In working with Blue Post, the Digistor team liaised closely with the users, technical team and the key stakeholders to demonstrate and show the benefits of the full Digistor solution over and above the competition. Every aspect was considered and an approach of workflow not point product sale was the focus and goal from both the client and supplier sides.

Digistor supplied hardware, software and services

  • Spycerbox SAN for Melbourne and Sydney facilities
  • Qlogic Fibre Switching in both Sydney and Melbourne
  • Autodesk Smoke for Mac
  • ISIS 5000 and Media Composer Workstations
  • The Foundry's NukeX
  • Davinci Resolve and Tangent Elements Grading Panels
  • Nearset/Onset Grading using Davinci Resolve
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams
  • AJA Convertors and Routers
  • SANman and Infortrend Storage
  • HDCAM Decks
  • HP Switching and Avocent Extenders
  • Digistor DCAP for both Sydney and Melbourne facilities