Deakin University Expands EditShare System

November 24, 2010

Rob Pitman, Deakin UniversityThe Deakin University Media Department initially purchased two 20TB, 8RU EditShare storage devices from Digistor  in December 2008. EditShare is a cross-platform collaborative editing and shared media storage solution.

The EditShare shared storage facility revolutionised their old system which utilised external Firewire portable hard drives to store all their Final Cut Pro media. This method of storage was was prone to data loss and faulty drives - just some of the problems ameliorated by the EditShare solution.

In September this year, Deakin added an EditShare Xstream Server 16TB 3RU unit with an additional 16TB expansion chassis plus a Quantum tape loader. The EditShare Xstream Series fully integrates with EditShare Flow, Storage and Ark, delivering a complete end-to-end media sharing workflow. This was  very attractive to Deakin and allowed them to implement one unit to manage all  their media and to integrate with their existing system. The Quantum i40 tape loader connected with the Xstream Server completed the total solution providing seamless ingest, collaboration and archiving to tape.

The Film and Digital Media department provides facilities for students in 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and a Masters year and all of them store their Final Cut Pro projects and media on the EditShare system. They use a mixture of ProRes SD and ProRes HD as their editing format. The Protools students also use EditShare for storing their projects.

In the following few months, Deakin is planing to upgrade their EditShare storage from Version 5 to Version 6 for improved performance and the new version of Flow 2.0, EditShare's asset management solution for building collaborative end-to-end media production workflows. Next year will also see the arrival of a number of RED Epic digital camera's and Deakin plans to use the Editshare system for storing and accessing R3D footage.