Definition Films Take on Smoke for Mac OS X

Sydney-based Definition Films has one of the most advanced and high speed data pipelines in Australia. This enables them to handle 4K, 2K, HD, RED R3d files much more efficiently and faster than any of their competitors.

Definition Films is a boutique, Apple powered post facility with the best available equipment made available to all levels of jobs. The most talented freelancers are sourced from around NSW and VIC to work on each project. By keeping a full-time staff of only 3 people - clients only pay for what they need and not large facility overheads.

Definition Films is located within the same building in Fox Studios as world renowned Soundfirm. Through a close partnership many productions such as The Poker Star (Channel 10 HD), Maasai Warriors (National Geographic), The Jesters (Foxtel/Movie Network), Art + Soul (ABC) have been able to complete productions in the same building.

From high-end commercials for Tooheys, web content for Fairfax, feature films such as Samson & Delilah, Award winning TV Documentaries for ABC, SBS and Channel 10 HD and music videos for leading Australian artists - there is a suite to cater for all projects.

Over 150 hours of content for Television has been delivered in the last 12 months and over 65 TV Commercials.

Many small production company's without the high-end infrastructure rely on Definition Films to Injest, Online, Deliver and Repurpose content.

Hardware on the SAN includes:

  • 168 TB of Digistor SANMan 4GB
  • 3 x Qlogic Switches 4GB & 2GB w/10GB Linking
  • 15 x Fibrejet Licences
  • 2 x Apple Color Suites
  • 1 x Protools 5.1 Mix Suite with C24 Console & 5.1 Monitors
  • 1 x Nucoda Film Master 2K
  • 3 x Grade A Monitors (Sony BVM-2300, Vutrix and Plura)
  • 1 x Autodesk Smoke for Mac
  • 1 x Red Rocket Processing Machine for Realtime red translations to 2K or 4K.
  • 8 x Mac Pro FInal Cut Pro Edit Suites
  • Sony HDCAM-SR, Sony HDCAM, Sony Digital Betacam, Sony XDCAM, Sony HDV Decks
  • Blackmagic 32 Port HD Router
  • Harris HD/SD Colour Legalisers
  • Harris HD/SD ARC & Noise Reducer

Smoke for Mac OSX 

Investing in a Smoke for Mac OSX System from Digistor has allowed Clients to use another world-class tool on productions without having to leave the building. As RED cameras have become common place on set, the Smoke is an integral and important part of producing content at the highest possible standard.

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