HD Video Assist

December 2012

HD Video Assist

HD Video Assist is a two-man-team consisting of Kane Waldron and Rhys Nicholson. Together they offer a range of services to directors and cinematographers including onset monitoring, editing or basic colour grading.

This is all done using their customised rig which consists of QTAKE HDx2 software and a range of hardware including an AJA Kona Break out Box, and Matrox Triple Head 2Go. HD Video Assist created and designed the mobile rig, with the help of Digistor, so the system can easily be taken from set to set.  The rig can take input from 2 cameras in full HD, as well as handle multiple formats.

“We had to find the best products for the rig that would meet our requirements.  There was a lot of R&D involved.  Digistor was able to provide a certified QTAKE HD system that was prebuilt and tested.  By going with the Mac Pro it gives us the most flexibility and we’re able to offer the director more options.” said Rhys.

About 20% of HDVA's work is films with the majority being television commercials being shot on ARRI Alexa or Red Epic cameras. Recently Kane used the HD Video Assist system on the set of The Great Gatsby in 3D. 

When shooting TVCs the QTAKE system means they are able to offer a great service not only to the director but also to the client so they can see the shoot and exactly what they are paying for whilst the shoot is happening.  Kane commented “With TVCs there’s quite a few creative people onset contributing to making the commercial so it’s about providing monitoring solutions, video transmission and efficient playback services so the client can see what is going on without slowing things down.”

For more info on HDVA email [email protected]

HDVA Kit List


MacPro 12 Core

AJA Kona 3 with Breakout Box

Final Cut Studio 3

Matrox TripleHead2Go


AJA Kona 3 with Breakout Box

Smart Videohub

AJA Ki Pro

Pix 240 with sun hood

HDlink Pro Display Port

SmartView Duo

Mini Converters:
Audio to SDI
SDI to Audio

Blackmagic Battery Converters:



Over the past two years, QTAKE HD has become the industry standard. Thanks to its unmatched feature set, it has no real competition among video assist systems. It doesn’t matter if you shoot film, digital or 3D. QTAKE HD handles multiple cameras and multiple formats and provides integration with 3rd party systems. The list of movies shot with QTAKE speaks for itself. www.qtakehd.com