Motionlink starts DCI with CLIPSTER

The Distribution of Digital Cinema Packages

MotionlinkThis year Sydney Production company, Motion Link diversified into the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) market. Digistor's recommended solution was DVS's premium workstation, CLIPSTER. This resulted in dramatic improvements to their workflow. 

Motionlink's recent expansion into the distribution of Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) for cinema presented challenges of DCP packaging and DCPs workflows - specifically speed and performance. The DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) establishes exacting specifications for digital cinema that ensure a uniform and high level of technical performance, reliability and quality control. Motionlink, being a smaller facility and mindful of both the expenditure and the complexity of DCI workflows, realised there was no margin for error or downtime. The DVS CLIPSTER met these requirements easily and provided the best and most efficient DCI workflow for Motionlink.

Clipster for MotionlinkDigistor Sets Up CLIPSTER for Motionlink 

In January 2010, Motionlink installed the DVS CLIPSTER supplied by Sydney-based post production and digital media specialist Digistor. CLIPSTER can perform all the steps required for the production of Digital Cinema Packages for distribution to cinemas for digital projection – steps that would otherwise need to be distributed over several products. Motionlink can now create DCPs as a new revenue stream and service to their clients.

When Motionlink integrated CLIPSTER into their pipeline, they found setting up the DI workstation’s DCI Mastering steps straight forward and user friendly because of the DCI wizard. They also achieved an extension to their product range and service offerings, a high-speed workflow and increased security. Well supported by DVS’s DI workstation, Motionlink is now able to create DCPs at lightning speed, QC the whole process reliably and expand into a brand new area for the business.

Grant Salinger, MD at Motionlink: “When DVS demonstrated their DCP packaging, it became crystal clear to us that this intelligent DCI workflow could not be matched by any other competitive solution. We’re still ecstatic that within one hour of their delivery, the DVS unit was underway producing DCPs for the Wiggles cinema tour.”

CLIPSTER, the DVS flagship, consists of a robust feature set including conforming, editing, colour correction, and versioning in resolutions up to uncompressed 4K in real-time. All necessary DCI steps from DSM (Digital Source Master) to DCP (Digital Cinema Package) can be created in a single system which prevents time-consuming transfer processes through the use of many different components. Since the DSM and JPEG2000 material can be played back with audio in real time, the entire process is very transparent and time-saving. The possibility to view the finished DCP directly in CLIPSTER helps Motionlink’s editors control its quality fast and easily.

Global Business Development and Pre Sales Manager at DVS, Dan Germain stated “We’re thrilled that Motionlink has opted for a brand new line of business with our company flagship CLIPSTER. It is brilliant that another cutting-edge DCI workflow is now up and running on the fifth continent and we’re proud to support such an important Australian client.”