Shazzam Studios

December 12th, 2011

Shazzam Studios
all images © Shazzam Studios
"3ds Max is pretty much the best app for Visualisation, from the ease of importing various file formats, to having the best selection of plugins"
Duncan Howdin, Shazzam Studios

Shazzam Studios are a small team of 3D artists, based in Queensland. After fourteen years of working in Sydney for various companies doing architectural and animation projects, they decided it was time to set up their own Architectural visualisation and 3D graphics company on the Sunshine Coast.

Shazzam Studios work directly with clients and as well as teaming up with other visualisation companies on high quality renders for print, modelling and character animation. They are also a part of the 3ds Max, Thea Render and Iray beta testers helping to test, provide feedback and refine new features in the products they use. 

Shazzam Studios
all images © Shazzam Studios

Since setting up the company in 2003 they've worked with clients on a range of projects from kit garages to high-rise developments and everything in between. Although Shazzam's customers are mainly architects, they also work with property developers, real estate agents and advertising agencies.

Shazzam has been a customer of Digital By Design since 2005. Since DBD became part of Digistor the relationship with Digistor's Animation Specialist, Syama Mishra has continued to strengthen. 3D artist, Duncan Howdin comments "Syama is always there to sort out those pesky licensing problems and any other techie questions that might arise. Syama helps find the best software for the job at hand."

Hardware and Software used by Shazzam Studios
Thea Render
nVidia Quadro GPUs
IRay Render
Autodesk 3ds Max Design

The Shazzam team take plans, or drafts and transform them into vibrant photo realistic exterior and interior images, illustrated floor plans and animated fly throughs. “One of the advantages with 3D graphics is you can advertise your development, make a presentation for council approval or create a catalogue of house designs, before the first stone is turned.” says Duncan.

The main Software products they use on a daily basis are V-Ray, iRay and Autodesk 3ds Max Design. “3ds Max is pretty much the best app for Visualisation, from the ease of importing various file formats, to having the best selection of plugins, scattering plugins to easily populate scenes and the biggest selection of renderers.” 

Shazzam Studios
all images © Shazzam Studios

Having an impressive end product is really important to Shazzam and Duncan sites V-Ray as being integral to being able to deliver high quality renders to his clients “V-Ray makes it easier to get the final look we after, with V-Ray's frame buffer/curve editor.  The ease of setting distribute rendering, the dome light and the DMC sampling, V-Ray has many great features to speed up my workflow.”

Shazzam Studios are available for rendering, modelling and animation work no matter how big or smalll your project.

To find out more visit or to contact them regarding visualisation work please email [email protected].