Silver Trak Digital Goes Global via The Cloud

May 2014

Blue Post

Silver Trak Digital has revolutionised their Media Room file transfer solution with Aspera Connect and Aspera Orchestrator from Digistor

As one of Sydney's leading broadcast services companies, Silver Trak Digital offers an enhanced media storage, management and delivery service called Media Room. Designed for broadcasters, production houses, post-production houses and distributors, Media Room makes it possible to store, manage and deliver high-resolution media assets online, 24x7, without breaking the bank.

Blue PostAs Silver Trak's Managing Director Christian Christensen puts it "Media Room gives you 100% control over your assets and access to Silver Trak's services such as QC, file storage and high speed data transfers, without requiring licence fees or large capital investments."

This sort of service needs a sophisticated and powerful foundation, so when Silver Trak were building Media Room, they came to Digistor for the technology they needed. Digistor's Account Manager Johann Pretorius was approached regarding Aspera.

"Silver Trak Digital was looking for a file transfer solution that could get Media Room really firing," says Johann, "We introduced Tim Creswell and Chris Christiansen from Silver Trak Digital to John Wastcoat and Michelle Munson (CEO) from Aspera, Inc."

From these discussions, Digistor supplied Aspera Orchestrator to help automate the backbone of Media Room, and Aspera Connect to provide high-speed secure file transfer.

"The Aspera high-speed transfer technology is the best in its class," says Johann, "and Digistor has successfully implemented it for numerous Big Data solutions."

MediaSphere LogoWe knew it was the right fit for Silver Trak." Chris Christiansen says "Unlike many other cloud-based solutions which start with low-res proxies, Media Room can upload and store high-res broadcast files, so it fully supports broadcast file workflows. This means it needs to be able to deliver huge amounts of data very quickly. The Aspera technology is the essential component that makes this possible."

"The customisation available within Orchestrator made the integration into Media Room seamless," says Pretorius. "The Aspera Orchestrator development team worked remotely from the US, clearly demonstrating their accessibility and willingness to work with developers here in Australia. This kind of close international co-operation is essential to an efficient roll-out of media management solutions such as Media Room."

The Digistor implementation makes Silver Trak's Media Room one of Australia's fastest Aspera connections.

"Digistor has been providing technology solutions like this to major film studios, post-production companies, visual effects houses, sports and news broadcasters for years," says Pretorius. "Our customers rely on Aspera software to reduce their production cycles while securely delivering high-resolution media worldwide. By providing the highest quality of service, they can ultimately give consumers their best content, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Media Room is a perfect example of what Aspera can do."

Aspera LogoFor Aspera implementations, Digistor provides a complete solution, including computer and networking infrastructure, storage, backup and archive plus deployment and support services.

"We've provided Aspera software to the ABC, SBS and Department of Education to name a few recent Australian customers," says Pretorius, "and all of these organisations need to move and manage Big Data effectively, regardless of content. With Aspera they can receive and distribute files across Australia and around the world with ease.

"We're delighted to provide these technologies to Silver Trak, it's just the latest development in a strong partnership that's now entering its second decade."

About Silver Trak Digital
With over 30 years of experience in audio, visual and data content management, Silver Trak Digital provides leading edge media asset management, broadcast duplication, QC, technical assessment, content management, disc duplication and replication services as well as pro media distribution from world leading brands.

Aspera Orchestrator automates collection, processing and distribution of large volumes of file-based digital assets. The rich library of plug-ins includes support for popular applications such as A/V, transcoding, virus scanning, ad insertion and encryption. The powerful run-time engine supports on-the-fly conditional decision-making, manual user inputs, automated high-speed file movement, and third-party system integrations.