Creating Post Production Miracles


Thaumaturgy's David Devjak worked with Digistor to set up a complete solution for Online Editing, colour grading and visual effects for video post-production.

Thaumaturgy is a post-production company based in Sydney that started up when the Channel Seven drama All Saints was cancelled in 2009, David Devjak saw an opportunity to take the post-production workflow that had been used on the show and use it as the core of an independent post-production company specialising in colour grading and visual effects for video post-production. Thaumaturgy is the resulting studio incorporating a team whose backgrounds encompass effects work for feature films, corporate films and TVCs and grading hundreds of hours of broadcast video. Other colour graders in the Thaumaturgy line-up include Conor bowes, Tracy Smith and John Parsons.

ThaumaturgyThe initial challenge Thaumaturgy (which means "the working of miracles") needed to address was how to leverage a small team up to delivering large volumes of high quality HD footage.  The company's first client was Channel Seven's Home and Away who need grading work on 110 hours of broadcast drama every year – that's the equivalent of a feature film every week!

Thaumaturgy's other clients have included Dalem Productions, 2Dogs and Southern Star covering a variety of pilot episodes for drama, lifestyle shows, TVCs and music videos.  Thaumaturgy regularly delivers both tape and file based materials in a wide range of formats.

To enable Thaumaturgy to quickly scale up and deal with high end material, David approached Digistor for local support and advice. "As a small (but growing) business it has also been extremely efficient to deal with a single supplier rather than sourcing from many different places" said David Devjak.

Equipment Provided by Digistor
Mac Pro
Final Cut Studio
Photoshop CS5 Extended
Tangent Wave Panel
JVC 24" Broadcast Monitor
Ikan RM8000 2 x 8" LCDs rack mounted
DaVinci Resolve Software

Thaumaturgy has developed a system to support clients that frequently require onsite or even on-location review by building a mobile grading solution without sacrificing quality. Digistor supplied almost every piece of equipment in the business with the exception of some pre-existing RAID storage and a custom built mobile video rack.

Thaumaturgy is continuing to expand to meet their clients' needs of a growing range of visual effects that require ever more sophisticated tools to deliver. Digistor's seminars and advice have proved to be invaluable in the decision making process for choosing appropriate platforms to continue to take the business forward.

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