Travelling Tale Productions

February 27, 2012

Travelling Tale Productions in Adelaide, took control of their shared post production workflow with their new EditShare 32TB Energy Series storage solution.

Simon Fenton, Digistor’s Engineer with Colin Thrupp  
Simon Fenton, Digistor’s Engineer with Colin Thrupp, Creative director of Travelling Tale Productions  

"Great system. Great team. Great results. I still can't believe how easy it was to get this up and running - couldn't be happier!"
Colin Thrup, Travelling Tales Productions

Travelling Tale Productions (TTP) is an Australian based film and television production company located in Adelaide, South Australia. They create programs and promotional media for both audiences here in Australia and overseas with a focus on travel and adventure documentaries.

Colin Thrupp is Travelling Tale Production’s Creative Director he has worked on many film and TV Productions and is well known for his role presenter for Network 10 Show, ‘Totally Wild’. Colin comments on his vision for Travelling Tale Productions, “It is my hope to introduce a new breed of Production Company that focuses more on the quality of the story and the people making these stories possible.”

Digistor’s Technical Support Engineer, Simon Fenton, headed over to Adelaide to work with the Travelling Tale Productions team to install their new chassis and configure it for project and file sharing across four Mac Pro systems running Final Cut Pro. Colin was impressed with the efficiency of the set up “Within hours Simon had it up and running with all four systems able to edit.”

“The ease of install and setup meant that the Colin and his team could start editing off the EditShare pretty much straight after the physical install of the chassis was complete. It’s intuitive and there is minimal time to learn how to manage the system from a user point of view” says Simon.

Travelling Tale is currently producing a 6 part documentary series for the ABC following a group of Aussies learning how to catch and wrangle saltwater crocodiles. Once all the footage is shot the media will be edited using this system.The main aim of this upgrade was to help fill a gap in TTP’s setup so all four machines could run and have all assets stored centrally and have expandability down the track. It was the most cost effective system where he could share across GigE, get great performance and plug directly into the chassis without the requirement of purchasing a switch as the quad Gige card was configured in “Switch Mode”.

Traveling Tale Productions

4X Mac Pros running Final Cut Pro

EditShare 32TB Energy Series

The Edit Share Energy Series is ideal for growing production companies such as TTP  as it offers Unique Project Sharing for Avid and Final Cut Pro, outstanding performance and stream counts, standard Gigabit and 10-Gigabit connectivity, rock-solid Linux-based reliability, RAID-5 and RAID-6 redundancy. Colin comments,  “Something that really appealed about the EditShare Energy series to a growing company like ours is the scalability of the set up, its reliable and future proof.”

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