Twenty5eight: Upgrade to HD and More

Twenty5EightLeading Marketing and Media Production Company 

Twenty5eight is a leading marketing and media production company based in Sydney providing TV, radio, print media, internet/web and corporate communications services and solutions. As part of their expansion and upgrade program and a move to HD compatibility, Twenty5eight needed to upgrade several existing suites as well as add a new suite.

New Mac Pro Suite 

The new Mac Pro suite for video and design, utilises AJA's Kona LHe for SD/HD capture and playback, Final Cut Studio, Adobe CS4 Master Collection, G-Tech directly attached storage and a 24" Eizo LCD for display. The upgrade, provided by Digistor, also included three Panasonic Full HD Plasmas and two JVC Professional broadcast monitors for SD/HD material. Installation and configuration was completed in one day on-site by Digistor Technical Services.

Twenty5EightSignificantly Increased Productivity 

Twenty5eight Director of Production, Annie Fryatt said "Twenty5eight have now significantly increased productivity with faster computers to satisfy both increased demand and our customers' HD requirements". 

Twenty5eight Art Director Mike Tosetto commented "I love the new equipment and the high quality Eizo monitor, the G-Tech portable drives are also a bonus for moving quickly around the facility or for on-location productions".

Twenty5EightSolid Solution for Video and Design 

"Jason Bock and the team at Digistor have been very helpful by providing Twenty5eight a solid solution for video and design and to take us towards HD compatibility. From my initial contact, to installation, Digistor have been highly professional with advice and solutions and made the expansion and upgrade for Twenty5eight easy and within budget". Twenty5eight Managing Director Trevor Hall said.