Chooses Fujifilm LTO7 From Digistor

Joshua Marks is run by Joshua Marks from his office in Sydney’s Fox Studios. Joshua collaborates with a wide base of trusted professionals and uses the latest Sony FS7 camera to shoot footage all over the world. Joshua’s AFTRS film ‘Australia’s Last Duel’ received the EISSI 2015 Media of the Year award for contribution to the surveying profession.

Recently this young creative had a requirement for a longterm archiving solution, and after an exhaustive assessment and evaluation process he chose one with Fujifilm LTO7 tapes at its core, supplied and recommended by local digital media specialist, Digistor.

Marks explained, “2016 marked the beginning of 4K shooting on my new Sony FS7 and now I refuse to shoot anything less. On a 128GB card I can roll for 63 minutes, a nice reminder to the days of MiniDV tape. Since moving to a card camera in 2009, I have been worried about any number of possible disasters that could happen before backing up. Cards are more expensive than ever and I’ve never had so few. So I needed a fast and easy solution that will be able to archive rushes right at the time of ingest. Fujifilm’s LTO7 tapes and the fact that they use Barium Ferrite technology are the ideal solution. LTO machines are improving in speed and efficiency with each generation and I can now backup and archive simultaneously.”

LTO machines are improving in speed and efficiency with each generation and I can now backup and archive simultaneously.
Joshua Marks,

mTape LTO7 “Digistor supplies LTO tape technology for archive and backup for our tiered media storage solutions,” explained Digistor sales specialist Andrew Hogan. “The combination of the mLogic mTape Thunderbolt drive with Fujifilm LTO tapes is a high performance backup solution ideal for independent production companies like”

During his search for an archiving solution, Marks discovered the Fujifilm LTO Ultrium 7 Data Cartridge (LTO7) allows for backup and archive of large volumes of data and high-speed data transfer at 750 MB/sec (300 MB/sec. for non-compressed data), and offers a storage capacity of 15.0 TB (6.0 TB for non-compressed data).

Marks continued, “With the Fujifilm’s LTO7 being announced in December I realised now is the right time to buy a machine to handle these amazing tapes so I bought the mLogic – mTape from Digistor for its compact and lightweight form. mLogic advertise their machines with Fujifilm LTO7 for good reason, so I also bought a load of tapes to keep me going. Fujifilm have been around since the first incarnation of LTO and it’s very good to know that they continue to regularly update their technology and double capacity every couple of years. The real advantage with Fujifilm LTO tapes over all others though is their use of Barium Ferrite technology as BaFe magnetic particles offer outstanding recording and retrieval performance and are ideal for longterm storage.”

mlogicThe high coercivity, high signal to noise ratio and frequency characteristics make BaFe magnetic particles a technology that can help further increase the capacity of magnetic tape. Capitalising on years of R&D investment and expertise, Fujifilm was the first in the world to commercialise magnetic tapes using BaFe magnetic particles for enterprise systems in 2011. In 2012, Fujifilm introduced LTO Ultrium Data Cartridge which employed BaFe magnetic particles foreseeing the limitations posed on capacity by legacy metal magnetic particles, the prevalent technology at the time, Fujifilm’s early commercialisation of magnetic tape using BaFe magnetic particles has allowed the company to consistently lead the market. Leveraging highly sophisticated BaFe magnetic particle technology, Fujifilm’s BaFe particle-based magnetic tape shows stable and excellent performance regardless of the drive employed, and offers outstanding quality.

Joshua Marks concluded, “I will use ShotPutPro in combination with PreRoll Post from Imagine Products to ensure that every file is verified, it also creates a log that I can access without the tape and the Linear File Transfer System (LTFS) ability allows the LTO tapes to be accessed as easily as a hard drive. For a cost effective, reliable and longterm archiving solution there simply isn’t anything better on the market than Fujifilm LTO7 tapes.”

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