Digistor COVID Audit Service

covid audit

Power-On with Confidence When Re-Booting Production

As staff return to work following a period when systems have been in hibernation, Digistor can assist the smooth transition with a new Service known as the "COVID Audit".

From experience, we know that if equipment is idle for a period, especially if it has been powered off, it can often require some housekeeping to bring it back to life. It's not uncommon for passwords to have reset, disks not to spin up or services to not start. This is where Digistor can help.

Our COVID Audit is a remote system status check and report which provides peace of mind for organisations that are either starting up their technical environment after a period of little or no utilisation or when they are about to undertake a new production.

The Audit, which typically takes less than 2 hours, will check your server(s), workstations and other key infrastructure to ensure everything's healthy and working as expected and then provide a written report. The report will detail the checks performed along with our findings and will highlight any recommendations or issues uncovered.

Pricing starts at $540 inc GST for smaller facilities with up to 5 devices*.

Make sure your people are productive fast and be confident your systems are working as they should when you return from lockdown. Complete the form or call us on 02 9431 6000 to book a COVID Audit.

* Devices include Servers, Workstations, Network Switches and Storage Devices like a NAS or SAN.