On-Site/Remote Engineer Preventative Service


Cost-effective way to protect and ensure continuous operation

What is it?

An accredited engineer from Digistor will perform scheduled fortnightly or monthly on-site/remote sessions to check the operation of specified hardware and software to resolve issues, make recommendations and will prepare a summary of their findings with recommendations for you.

Our engineers will:

  • ensure optimal performance and stability
  • uncover any underlying issues
  • provide a summary report which will also identify required follow-up

Each session compromises of 90 minutes with an option to extend the duration should this be required. Following the session our Digistor engineer will discuss the report with you and advise any recommendations.

Why would I use it?

This service provides a cost-effective way to protect and ensure continuous operation, identify any potential issues before they become problematic and plan effective improvements. It provides peace-of-mind and will minimise downtime in your busy production-critical environment and will maximise the value of you infrastructure, equipment, software and people.

The new "On-Site/Remote Engineer Preventative Service" is a great value for customers on a limited budget or with simpler support requirements. As an alternative, Digistor can provide a customised Digistor Customer Assurance Plan (DCAP) which can include these services plus much more.

How much does it cost?

The service is based on a minimum commitment of one year with fortnightly or monthly sessions. Pricing changes from time-to-time, so please check with yout Digistor account representative for current pricing.

Not sure what Services you need?

Contact us to discuss your requirements so we can develop a Service plan to suit.