Digistor Technical Services

Why Digistor Technical Services?

The technology and techniques for professionally creating and managing media is facing a period of unprecedented change. Key drivers for change include:

• The increasing need to store and manage digital media assets
• Demand for immediate distribution to multiple devices and locations
• Accelerating reliance on Cloud Technologies
• The shift to file-based workflows
• Demand for support for higher resolutions
• Meeting the ever-growing demand for increased productivity

You need to utilise the best people and services available to manage change, keep up-to-date, stay productive and remain competitive. With over 25 years providing elegant solutions in some of the most technically demanding application areas, this is where Digistor can help.

Our Technical Services Can Help Your Facility Thrive

Digistor has a skilled team of highly trained and accredited Engineers, each of whom regularly undertakes training courses to ensure we have the ‘best of the best’ who can provide the help you need when you need it. We provide personalised telephone, email and remote support, on-site service, workshop services, regular support bookings and retainer packages with priority response times.

  • Digistor’s technical services can help your business to ensure you’re covered and minimise downtime
  • Save on having dedicated full-time IT staff
  • Supplement your IT staff with Digistor's certified engineers who specialise in Digital Media such as media servers and file-based workflows

At Digistor we live, eat and breathe technology. But technology does not live in a vacuum. We see its purpose as empowering creative organisations and individuals. This is where our team derives its passion. We are thrilled by the challenges that are thrown at us and enthusiastic about seeing our customers succeed using the solutions we provide. For us, it's not about the products and services, it's about seeing creative people thrive.

You’ll Be in Good Company

Digistor’s Technical Services are relied upon by leading organisations across a range of industries. We provide services to all of the major Australian television broadcasters, telcos, advertising agencies, visual effects and post-production companies, plus education institutions, government departments and corporations. And Digistor's Technical Services has been with them every step of the way. With initial consulting and scope of works, then roll-out, commissioning and training and then on-going support services and service-level agreements we can ensure that your staff can get on with the job they are hired to do instead of having to deal with technical issues or shortcomings. It's simple… with Digistor as your technology partner you can now create.

Choose the Support that Works For You

Here at Digistor, we are all about the long-term relationship. Digistor will ensure you achieve your technology growth and improvements while you concentrate on nurturing your business. We offer a range of support options to best meet your needs including:

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

    Digistor Services

    Our SLAs called Digistor Customer Assurance Plans (DCAPs) set the bar for providing high-level service - priority support, extended business hours, guaranteed response time, scheduled health checks. Agreements can be customised according to your business needs.

  • Technical Support On-Demand

    Tech Support on Demand

    If you're not ready to sign up for a DCAP you can still benefit from our range of Pre-paid and Ad-hoc services. Top up as you go and call us when you need us. We offer services remotely, over the phone or on-site. For those simple one-ff requests, you can also purchase Support Tokens online as you need them.

  • Consulting Services


    We've managed hundreds of projects, big and small, and though each one is unique, our consultants have tried-and-tested consulting and project management methodologies from planning, solutions design, proof-of-concept, project management, roll-out, sign-off and training.

  • Health Checks and Updates

    Health Checks and Updates

    Inevitably, storage fills up and systems get old and need to be upgraded. We are a leader in solution upgrades and can identify and minimise the risk involved in moving to new technologies. We will assess your site and ensure you're up-to-date with the latest software and hardware and professionally manage any upgrades.

  • Technical Staff / Implants

    Technical Staff

    Save on having dedicated full-time IT staff with our contracting services or supplement your IT staff with Digistor's certified engineers who specialise in digital media workflows outside of standard IT issues.

  • New Projects & Relocation

    New Projects and Relocation

    Looking to take your business somewhere new? Whether that's starting a new facility or relocating somewhere else, we'll ensure a smooth transition.