"We needed smart technical advice from day one and for that, we turned to Digistor."

Sally Fryer, Shark Island Productions

Technical Support


Digistor has a skilled team of highly trained Engineers, each of whom regularly undertake training courses to ensure we have the 'best of the best' and can provide the help you need, when you need it. See our accreditations.

Visit Our Services for a full list of our service level agreement, consulting and training options available. Taking advantage of these options can be the most cost-effective way to access on-going support and to enlist Digistor assistance for specific projects.

Contacting Technical Support

The online Support Request Form is the quickest way to contact the team and make us aware of an issue or to request on-site support. Submitted forms automatically trigger creation of a Technical Support Case and a Case Confirmation email.

online_form_3X40 Submit a Support Request

Contacting Technical Support by Phone

It is often quicker and more convenient to complete the online Support Request form, but you can call us on 02 9431 6000 and choose Option 5. Note that priority is given to Digistor Customer Assurance Plan customers.

Priority Access for Digistor Customer Assurance Plan Customers

If you are a Digistor Customer Assurance Plan customer, in addition to the above, you can submit a priority email request.

Digistor Customer Assurance Plans are Service Level Agreements which provide priority response times, extended support hours, remote support and more. Learn more about Digistor Customer Assurance Plans.

To purchase or renew a Digistor Customer Assurance Plan, contact your Account Manager or contact Digistor.

Ordering Pre-Paid Services & Top-Ups

To order Pre-Paid Services or top-up your Pre-Paid contact Digistor or order Pre-Paid via our online store.

Digistor Pre-Paid Services provide cost-effective and convenient access to Digistor Technical Services for any ad-hoc, out of scope or non-Customer Assurance Plan related support requests. Learn more about Pre-Paid Services.

Want Quick Support and Don't Have an Account?

A Support Token provides you with access to our highly experienced technical team to solve those frustrating but less complex issues that can be quickly and effectively dealt with. A Support Token provides up to 15 minutes of email, phone and remote support and can be used in conjunction with additional tokens to provide extended coverage if required.

For support across more complex or multiple systems, purchase Pre-Paid Support or a customised Digistor Customer Assurance Plan.

Renewing Warranties / Subscriptions / Service Contracts

Equipment extended warranties, software update subscriptions and vendor service contracts can all be purchased/updated through your Account Manager or contact Digistor.

Training Services

To discuss training options, email Digistor Training directly or contact Digistor.

Digistor offers a comprehensive range of classroom and bespoke training. We can deliver training customised to your tools and workflows which can be conducted at our Customer Training Centre or at your facility. Learn more about Digistor's Training Services.

Returning Equipment for Repair or Replacement (RMA)

If you have equipment that needs to be returned to Digistor for repair or replacement use the Return Materials Authorisation (RMA) form.

online_form_3X40 Submit an RMA

Not sure what type of service is right for you? REQUEST A CALL BACK