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Architectural Visualisation

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Digistor has expanded into this booming sector of opportunity. Largely fuelled by an increased need for urban development and infrastructure, with steady population growth.

We design, build and support outstanding technology solutions. To assist our customers with the latest industry software training, and a multitude of service offerings.

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  • Architectural Rendering
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  • Modelling & Animation
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Shared storage solutions & remote data duplication
  • On-prem, cloud and hybrid render farms
  • Services; support agreements, render farm installations and upgrades, software license management optimisation
  • Training software; Chaos Group V-Ray, Autodesk, MAXON 3ds Max and Deadline

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Architectural Rendering

Digistor client Urban Circus showreel of best work.

Today, 3D rendering is predominantly utilised. Before this evolution, architectural rendering was created by hand. Rendering is the process of creating realistic computer generated images, with the ultimate aim of showcasing how a space or building will visually appear. Types of rendering include exterior, interior and aerial. And its most common purposes are; design analysis marketing and promotion.


  • A building or spaces entire plan can be rendered and checked for structural and design flaws, before it even leaves the drawing board. Thereby, the rendering process is quite effective and cost efficient
  • Facilitates design experimentation, without the stress of money wasted on unnecessary equipment
  • Designs are able to include the slightest details such as, lighting and materials
  • Provides architects with further control over the entire design project, from start to finish
  • Ensures more seamless architecture marketing for commercials and presentations alike
  • Blends well with the older design method of pencil and paper
  • Improves communication between architects and clients. Issues can arise regarding the understanding of blueprints, 3D rendering helps ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented Reality

Contributes enormous value to architectural projects, through portraying what an architect is trying to convey. Utilises Building Information Modelling (BIM), facilitating a range of tools and insights which leads to more accurate construction of buildings and infrastructure. Contrasting to virtual reality, augmented reality incorporates virtual elements that interact with what already exists.


  • Delivers a more accurate view of what will be built, including all layers of materials and installations, that are often complex to understand through drawings
  • During construction, the ability to see through walls and understand the path of technical installations, reduces the possibility of error
  • Increases collaboration, especially from various locations
  • Allows architecture models to be designed in a way that can easily and quickly modify 3D plans if changes are required

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual Reality

Expedited through an immersive full-headset experience. Granting a sense of scale, depth and spatial awareness that cannot be matched by traditional rendering or animation models. VR can play an important role at all stages of the design-to-construction process. From evaluating design options to showcasing proposals to minimising errors and preventing construction and serviceability issues.


  • Utilised at all levels of the design process from early to final stages
  • Produces further information, relating to how a building will look and perform
  • Able to visually see the design in real-time, thus increasing professional confidence moving forward
  • Can help improve architects and builders relationship and mutual understanding.
  • Allows designers to push the boundaries of visualisation. With VR architects can transmit not only what a building will look like, but also what it will feel like.
  • An effective means of exploring the relationship between spaces and the impact of light on a room at different times in the day or year. With VR you can actually experience the proportion and scale.

3D Visualisation, Modelling & Animation

Digital Map Table

Digistor Engineer Jason Yee interacting with Urban Circus Digital Table

Visualisation, modelling & animation are crucial disciplines of the field; architecture, engineering and construction. Allowing professionals to manifest their architectural visions, presented in an easily understood and engaging format.


  • Allows architects to create designs and walkthrough experiences which can be viewed from multiple angles.
  • Handle large scale and repetitive projects with ease
  • Helps design a realistic building or space as it would appear in real-time
  • Enables easy identification of errors from the initial design phase, thereby easily corrected
  • Alter the smallest of details e.g. add landscaping, choose the colour and texture of flooring, modifying lighting, furniture choices.
  • Improving project speed, as 3D modelling can construct structures much faster than 2D drawings
  • Leave little room for construction error, by providing an accurate picture
  • A 3D visualisation is a great way to market a architectural concept or project to the general public

Choose Digistor as your training partner and you can: train your team as part of a new or upgraded solution design, customise training to suit your exact staff and workflow or attend a scheduled course at our Training Centre. Learn more about training at Digistor.

Technical Services

Digistor has a skilled team of highly trained Engineers. Each of whom regularly undertake training courses, to ensure we have the 'best of the best'. And can provide the help you need, when you need it. Learn More about Digistor's technical services.

High End Rendering and Modelling Tools from the World's Leading Vendors

Digistor works with a select group of leading vendors to help bring integrated solutions to our customers. Here's a few of the key ones we work with.

Maxon Cinema 4D

Maxon Logo

Digistor is a Maxon Cinema 4D reseller. Bring blueprints and sketches to life or create photorealistic renderings of your building projects. With Cinema 4D, you can help others visualise your concept and realise your dreams Purchase Cinema 4D via the Digistor Shop Online.


Autodesk Logo

Digistor is a Autodesk Partner that has demonstrated the ability to deliver complete Autodesk solutions with technical expertise. Specifically relevant to architectural visualisation are AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Viz Render, Revit, Maya and SketchUp. Purchase Autodesk software via the Digistor Shop Online.

AWS Thinkbox Deadline

Thinkbox Deadline

AWS Thinkbox Deadline is hybrid administration and compute management software for render farms. Deadline gives you the freedom to easily access any combination of on-premises or cloud-based resources for rendering, render management and processing needs. Purchase Thinkbox Deadline via the Digistor Shop Online.

Chaos Group V-Ray


Digistor supplies and supports the complete range of Chaos Group's V-Ray rendering solutions. V-Ray is built for architecture with a full suite of tools to render anything - from early massing models to photorealistic imagery, animation and VR - and connects seamlessly with 3ds Max, Revit, Rhino, SketchUp and Unreal. Purchase V-Ray via the Digistor Shop Online.


HP Logo

Digistor supplies and supports the complete range of HP workstations that are ideal for 3D animation, optimally configured for the needs of 3D graphics and production.


Dell Logo

Digistor supplies and supports Dell workstations including award-winning desktops, laptops, 2-in-1s and thin client.

Supermicro Logo

Digistor supplies and supports SuperMicro , most commonly as blade servers for render farms and other compute-intensive applications.


Redshift Logo

Redshift is a fully GPU-accelerated, biased renderer designed to meet the specific demands of contemporary high-end production rendering. Purchase Redshift via the Digistor Shop Online.

Arnold Logo

Arnold is an advanced ray tracing renderer with supported plug-ins for Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, Cinema 4D, and Katana. Purchase Arnold Render via the Digistor Shop Online.

Octane Logo

OctaneRender is a fast, unbiased spectrally correct GPU render engine enabling delivery of quality projects with eye-catching graphics quickly.