"The solution and service has been great. No more bottlenecks, no more duplication ... and ... professionally supported. What more can you ask for?"

James McPherson, Managing Director, New McPherson

Solution Industries

Across a broad spectrum of organisations and industries there is an increasing need to create, manage, store and deliver digital content. By focusing on the needs of select industries and building on our experience and common requirements, Digistor implements elegant solutions to provide cost savings and efficiency gains.



Broadcasters need to access, network and communicate vast amounts of media that comes from a diverse range of sources - from citizen reporters to satellites - in a timely manner. Multiple local and remote teams require fast, simultaneous access to stored media to process material for delivery to a wide range of platforms and audiences 24/7. Digistor can provide optimised solutions to meet these challenges.

  • Automation, Transcoding and Metadata Management
    This is key to broadcasters being able to locate, edit and supply programming in different formats to viewers wherever they are.
  • File-based Workflows and Workgroup Management
    Theseprocesses enable production and post-production workgroups under the broadcasters' umbrella to plan, process and output their projects.
  • Acquisition, ENG, Mobile Newsgathering
    Cameramen and news teams need to be responsive and flexible with the highest quality transmission and guaranteed delivery.
  • Editing, Graphics, Post-Production and Delivery
    Production duties cover shooting for news, reality TV and drama shows which then require post-production services including graphics, effects, editing, audio and promos. Finished content is then distributed to DTV, pay TV, mobile, web, and social platforms.

Case Studies

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VFX & Post-Production


Visual effects and post-production facilities need to deliver a full range of innovative services to clients used to tight deadlines and shrinking budgets. Digistor meets the key requirements for this industry by providing:

  • Specialised Services and Systems
    Client work includes TVCs and short/long-form film, video and animation projects. These require specialists operating editing, Digital Intermediate and colour correction, visual effects and 2D/3D animation systems.
  • High Bandwidth and Throughput
    Flexibility is essential to handle the peaks and troughs of client projects so high bandwidth pipelines must be able to be quickly and easily reconfigured without reducing throughput.
  • Future-proofed Networking, Content, Storage
    New enhanced format resolutions require storage, networking and workstation future proofing to accept expansion and upgrades without project interruptions. By sourcing original content at the highest possible resolutions facilities are able to provide deliverables in a myriad of formats to suit current and future client markets. Easy access to past project material is also required as clients embrace reversioning for new and emerging outlets.

Case Studies

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Digital Media Managers


Many organisations that need to professionally manage digital media span industry segments. News aggregators, video websites, video on demand services, IP broadcasters, event companies, publishers and others. Across all of these content is king. Digistor can help maximise content.

The ability to securely store, archive, retrieve and process media files is paramount to any business dealing with digital media assets. Media asset repositories continually grow in size and complexity and audiences expect instant delivery to desktops, mobiles, tablets or wherever they are. Monetising assets effectively is a continual challenge.

  • Digital Content Management
    Managing data and transcoding media files using Digital Asset Management (DAM) software systems to interface with NAS and SAN storage solutions provides companies with the tools to automate their workflow and business requirements.
  • Preparing Content
    Editing, visual effects, titling, captioning and graphics systems are needed to process media files and a wide range of deliverables is required.
  • Fast, Secure, Reliable Distribution
    Finished content needs to be distributed to consumers in and out of the home using fixed, mobile and theatrical screens.



Private and government institutions are embracing digital classrooms to expand their curriculum and appeal to wider range of local and international students. At the same time remote learning and distance education has evolved into interactive online classes using high speed internet connections. Online training has also become the norm for workers wanting to up-skill and improve their career prospects through short-term, focussed classes. Virtual online classes also enable students to practice and learn subjects that are difficult, dangerous or cost prohibitive to run in reality. Digistor can help education institutions and educators to address these developing needs with advanced systems and solutions.

  • Live and On-Demand Streaming
    Classes can be either streamed live to the web or recorded, stored and streamed on demand.
  • Classroom Shared Media and Materials
    Digital classrooms rely on enterprise class storage and high bandwidth networks to distribute lessons between students, campuses and to the internet.
  • Creation of Training Materials
    Cameras, editing, titling, graphics, subtitling and transcoding are required in the production of online lessons.



Government agencies encompass a wide range of operations utilising media-based technologies. These include media production units, security and surveillance tasks, film/television/cultural archives, training and the defence forces. The security, speed, remote capabilities, reliability and deep management of these tasks are key requirements that Digistor can address to ensure their smooth running.

  • Big Data
    Government organisations often require effective and secure management and transmission of large data sets. Digistor has implemented solutions to achieve this with the level of confidence required.
  • Surveillance
    The volume of surveillance video and imagery is growing exponentially with the roll-out of cameras within buildings and local and federal government managed spaces as well as federal agencies, the police, emergency services and military. This content is only useful if it can be easily stored, accessed, manipulated.
  • Storage, networking, archiving
    The move to scanned documentation, online information gathering and the legal requirements of data retention require enterprise level storage, networking, distribution and archiving tools and equipment.