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Why use Maya?

Deliver stunning visuals - Add fine details to characters and scenes and deliver quality work that keeps clients coming back. Experience an intuitive and robust toolset that makes animating feel more like creative expression than pressing buttons. From animating attributes of any object to transforming joints and bones, IK handles, and models over time, Maya gives you the creative freedom to bring your characters and scenes from first concept to reality.

Accelerate workflows - Maya’s powerful tools help you to iterate faster so you can focus on creativity and meet deadlines. Powerful tools in Maya speed up the process of creating and editing animation. The Time Editor provides an intuitive, clip-based workflow for non-linear animation editing, so you can navigate easily between clips and adjust timing operations like speed, length, and start/stop times. Cached Playback enables you to evaluate iterations of your animation right in the viewport, rather than producing multiple playblasts.

Scale for complexity - From tools for producing high-quality, production-ready bound characters to an intuitive graph editor for manipulating animation curves and keys in your scene, and shape authoring tools for adding fine details such as facial expressions to characters, you’ll be working with the industry’s best software for animation. Top artists in the industry rely on Maya to create the most complex shots, characters and worlds.

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Powerful visual programming environment

Get full control over your effects with visual tools that allow you to select, connect, experiment, and tweak. Using a single visual programming graph called the Bifrost Graph Editor, you can do scattering, instancing, deformation, volume processing, dynamic simulation, and more - without having to worry about switching contexts. When you’re ready, it’s easy to package up your custom effects as portable graphs for other artists at the studio to use (and re-use) across different shows, scenes, and shots.

Key features of Maya

  • Bifrost for Maya - Create physically accurate simulations in a single visual programming environment
  • USD in Maya - Load and edit large datasets quickly and work directly with data using native tools
  • Fast playback - Review animations faster and produce fewer playblasts with cached playback in Viewport 2.0
  • Unreal Live Link for Maya - Stream animation data from Maya to Unreal in real time with the Unreal Live Link for Maya plug-in
  • Time editor - Make high-level animation edits with a non-destructive, clip-based non-linear editor
  • Graph editor - Create, view and modify animation curves using a graphical representation of scene animation
  • Polygon modelling - Create 3D models using geometry based on vertexes, edges and faces
  • NURBS modelling - Construct 3D models from geometric primitives and drawn curves
  • Character setup - Create sophisticated skeletons, IK handles and deformers for characters that deliver life-like performances
  • Integrated Arnold renderer - Use Arnold Render View to view scene changes in real time, including lighting, materials and cameras

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