Avid Media Composer | Enterprise

Customise Collaborative Video Editing Workflows For Teams

Get all the power of Media Composer | Ultimate, plus the ability to tailor the toolset, enable remote workflows, expand collaboration beyond the editing team, and control access to secure your production. Designed for post-production and broadcast teams, Media Composer | Enterprise enables organisations to provide a more streamlined and focused experience for every user to boost efficiency. And when paired with Avid NEXIS storage, editors can work from anywhere and get the same media access, workflow, and user experience as if they were editing at the facility.

Customise Media Composer for any role in your organisation and enable teams to collaborate from anywhere. Media Composer | Enterprise is part of a complete media production solution that connects on-premises and remote video editing workflows together into a powerful, collaborative environment.

Edit from anywhere

Edit With Great Efficiency

Create better stories in fewer clicks with proven tools that speed up the editing process. From customisable task-oriented workspaces, shared bins, and precision trimming tools to the live timeline, zero-relink proxy workflow, and the most reliable media management in the industry, it’s the tool editors working on the biggest films and shows rely on daily. Plus, with PhraseFind and ScriptSync included, you can find clips in seconds based on the spoken dialogue they contain.

Finish In The Box - Or Out

With high-res and HDR finishing tools that support a full color, 32-bit uncompressed pipeline and ACES workflow, exceptional color quality and accuracy is maintained from end to end. Perform all color and finishing in the box—or roundtrip to another application for grading, without any color data or quality loss. And easily create IMF packages, including supplemental, for speedy delivery to OTT streaming services with Symphony included.

Minimise Downtime

With Media Composer | Distributed Processing included, editors can offload processor-intensive rendering, transcoding, and export tasks to a network of unused and idle machines, freeing up their own computers to keep working. And with the new proxy workflow in Avid NEXIS | EDGE, included, you can switch from proxy to high-res media without any manual relinking or conforming, saving hours of non-billable downtime.

Take full control

Customise Media Composer For Any Role

Tailor the interface for any role in your organization. Provide only the tools, functions, and access an editor, journalist, logger, producer, PA, effects artist, sound editor, colorist, reviewer, or other contributor needs to perform their job, giving them a more inviting workspace without distractions for better focus.

Secure Your Production

With complete administrative control over what each team member can access, see, and do, you gain greater security and oversight over your entire production. Limit access to certain media formats and codecs to mitigate mistakes. And lock down certain locations to prevent unauthorised access, media exports, and leaks, safeguarding your content.

Cut Training Time And Costs

With the ability to clear the clutter and design intuitive workspaces for non-editors to use, it’s easier for them to learn and contribute. Not only does this ease the onboarding process for new team members, it enables you to optimise the experience, regardless of their job role or skill level, helping reduce training needs and costs.

Boost efficiency

Do Everything In One Package

Get everything you need for your team to prep projects, create compelling stories, and streamline the review and delivery process. From storyboarding ideas, managing media, and editing sequences to designing visual effects, grading color, and mixing soundtracks, you can do it all with a single solution—from anywhere.

Automate Processes

No need to stress over media transcoding, rendering, and other complex time-consuming tasks. Media Composer | Enterprise handles all of them in the background for you. And with the unique proxy workflow, you can even go from working at the facility to working from home-without requiring any manual relinking.

Deliver Output To Anyone, Anywhere

Get the experience of reviewing sequences and working collaboratively “over the shoulder” of an editor virtually. With support for SRT, you can stream video and audio output at the highest quality, enabling anyone, anywhere with an SRT-enabled client or device to view the playback in real time over the Internet.

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