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When selecting an Avid solution for your requirements, it's good to know you're working with the most skilled team available

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Digistor is an Avid Elite Reseller with over 30 years experience helping customers deploy optimal solutions, including all hardware and software, services, training and on-going technical support services.

And being an Avid Elite Reseller is a pretty big deal. Avid grants Elite status only to partners that can offer high-end pre-sales consultation, system integration and technical support to a professional level through stringent certifications and performance requirements.

No matter what your project, contact our specialists at Digistor and we'll collaborate with you to find the perfect Avid solution.

The Complete Set of Avid Solutions from Digistor

With the support Avid's specialist team and Digistor's skilled consultants, we can deliver systems utilising the complete set of Avid solutions for

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You'll Be in Good Company

Digistor's Avid customers are the "who's who" of Australia's broadcast, post-production and media and entertainment organisations. Check out Digistor's Customer Case Studies for a sampling of users and media enterprises we've helped to tell powerful stories and build better businesses utilising powerful technology for creating, managing, storing, distributing and monetising film, television and music.

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Purchase Avid Subscriptions Online

The Digistor Shop Online offers easy, self-serve access to Avid Media Composer, ProTools and other subscriptions and licenses.

Skilled Team: Comprehensive Pre-Sales and Technical Services

Digistor has a team of highly trained and accredited ACSRs (Avid Certified Support Representative), each of whom regularly undertakes training courses to ensure we have the 'best of the best' who can provide the advice and help you when you need it.

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Working with the Leading Brands - We're not just Avid!

But of course, we're not "just" Avid certified. Our Accreditations cover advanced networking, cloud infrastructure, multiple shared storage implementations and the whole gamut of editing and post-production software. This means we can support Avid solutions integrated into existing multi-vendor environments.

To paraphrase an old aphorism, "No vendor is an island". The reality is that our customers work in environments that evolve over time and require the integration of hardware and software from multiple vendors into coherent workflows. Digistor specialises in helping define and implement these workflows and works with a multitude of vendors. We can call on this vendor expertise to help with your project.

Avid Training

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As an Avid Learning Partner, we can provide classroom and customised onsite Avid training for your team. Your operators can be trained to be productive in Avid's creative tools and your support staff can be trained to effectively implement and support Avid technology and workflows.

Flexible Customer Assurance Support Plans to Support Your Avid Solution

Digistor Customer Assurance Plans are designed to quickly and cost-effectively resolve support incidents and problems to minimise downtime and get you back to what you do best. From small technical hurdles to a complete infrastructure redevelopment, our Customer Assurance Plans have you covered.