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Bring Your News to TV and Beyond

If you want your message to reach the widest possible audience, in real time and at the highest quality, look no further than Dejero from Digistor. Dejero technology empowers news and cuts through the barriers normally associated with technology and cost. These flexible solutions mean that news can be sent directly to the control rooms of every major broadcaster in Australia and to social networks.

We can provide basic, low-cost solutions from software running on smart phones or laptops delivering broadcast-quality pictures to newsrooms, through to more advanced solutions, with greater redundancy and fail-safes, built around fully mobile transmitters that can send vision from any location without the need for a news crew. There are options for renting or buying.

And we can include cameras, lights, communications equipment and accessories for a complete turn-key broadcasting set-up.

Let us help you bringing your news to TV and beyond. Complete the form and we'll get back to you to discuss the ideal setup for you.

Live Broadcast Products from Dejero

Dejero Cloud

Dejero Cloud

Dejero Cloud Server simplifies the complex task of publishing live or recorded video streams in multiple formats to the web and mobile devices.

  1. Simplicity - Dejero Cloud Server is easy to setup and configure using our cloud-based management system. With a few clicks you’re ready to publish your live video.
  2. Reach - Reach new audiences and increase viewer engagement by broadcasting high quality video to multiple video platforms and content distribution networks.
  3. Scalability - Leveraging cloud infrastructure allows you to meet your needs today with room to grow for tomorrow.
  4. Versatility - Whether you need it monthly, annually, or for a one-time special event, there are different plans to suit your needs.

LivePlus Mobile App for IOS and Android

LivePlus Mobile App for IOS and Adroid

High-quality video from an iOS or Android smart phone or tablet.

Broadcast live from virtually anywhere, record video for later broadcast, or import and upload edited video files to designated receivers when traditional ENG broadcast equipment is not at the scene.

The app is designed for mobile journalists and professional video contributors, and is ideal for covering breaking news, impromptu interviews, and live events.

With smart phones or tablets and the LivePlus app, broadcasters and content creators can dramatically expand the number of video contribution sources to go live from within seconds. It is also a great backup solution for traditional news crews.

LivePlus for Windows

LivePlus for Windows

All-in-one solution for broadcasting from home or home office.

With ultra-low latency return video and teleprompter feeds viewable on one customizable screen at eye-level, and the choice of a built-in or external camera to go live, LivePlus for Windows enables broadcast-quality video from home, or any remote location with access to a wired or wireless broadband connection.

LivePlus for Windows is designed for presenters and anchors to go live from a home-studio with confidence monitoring, return program video, teleprompter, and IFB support all in one simple and easy-to-use application.

Simplifying the at home broadcast setup and ensuring that the quality of the presenter’s broadcast is not compromised since they can keep their eyes focused towards the camera at all times.

EnGo 263

EnGo 263 - LTE mobile transmitter

Reliable, simple to use, and built tough, EnGo 263 is designed to securely transmit high-definition, real-time tactical video from the field.

Unmatched performance with world-class design. Ensure ultra-reliable cellular reception in poor coverage and crowded areas, and while on the go. With world-class wireless expertise and high-efficiency antennas optimally separated to maximize reception, Dejero 263 deliver unmatched performance in the field. Tested and certified for SAR and other safety considerations. And EnGo 263 is certified by regulatory, industry, and mobile network operators.

EnGo 265 - LTE mobile transmitter and internet gateway

EnGo 265

EnGo 265 efficiently encodes and securely transmits high-quality live video from the field while also empowering mobile teams to work more efficiently with resilient, high-bandwidth, wireless internet access. It is reliable, simple to use, and built tough for field use, EnGo 265 is designed for video professionals who demand resilient wireless internet access in the most challenging environments.

Ensure ultra-reliable cellular reception in poor coverage and crowded areas, and while on the go. With world-class wireless expertise and high-efficiency antennas optimally separated to maximize reception, we deliver unmatched performance in the field. EnGo 265 is certified for SAR and other safety considerations. It is also certified by regulatory, industry, and mobile network operators.

Why Digistor

Digistor can help develop an effective live production and streaming strategy for applications including:

  • Political and community communications
  • Sports broadcasting from match action to "behind the scenes" material
  • University lectures
  • CEO, AGMs and corporate communications
  • Live entertainment events and concerts
  • Broadcaster "breaking news"
  • Church services

Consumers are increasingly looking to social platforms, video sharing websites and OTT platforms as the place to consume much of what was traditional broadcast-type content. Content providers need to find new ways to cost-effectively produce quality content and reach their audience. Digistor can help with solutions from simple live switching and encoding, through to multi-source live production and distribution for multi-national audiences.

Contact us to discuss your communications needs and how Dejero and Digistor can help. Fill out the form above for a discussion.