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Improve production and unleash your creativity with EditShare's shared storage and media management

Digistor has over 30 years experience assisting media professionals to deploy optimal solutions, and collaborate on projects. EditShare's range of innovative shared storage and media management products, combined with Digistor's systems expertise, empowers storytellers to craft and share their stories more efficiently.

EditShare simplifies the process of storytelling with solutions that enable collaboration, improve the production process and remove tedious tasks that get in the way of creativity - freeing storytellers to do what they love.

Digistor recently sealed a nationwide post production upgrade contract for a major national broadcaster. The new upgrade and solution includes many of the key technologies that Digistor specialises in, including EditShare storage, and both EFS on-prem and EditShare FLEX cloud solutions, as well as comprehensive FLOW media management tools, AirFLOW media sharing, FLOW NLE integrations for remote editorial and FLOW Automation to orchestrate workflows.

Empower your storage, editing, and video management on-prem or in the cloud

With the support of EditShare's specialist team and Digistor's skilled consultants, we can deliver systems utilising the complete set of EditShare solutions for:

  • Storage - Scale-out solutions for your most complex media workflows
  • Media management - Extend and enhance your creativity and collaboration
  • Cloud - High-performance storage and collaboration, virtualisation in the cloud
  • Integrations - Leverage the best tech with APIs and third-party partner integration

EFS Open Storage Solutions


EFS is a software defined ecosystem uniquely tailored for media centric environments which:

  • Presents a single name-space eliminating management of multiple storage volumes
  • Enables you to seamlessly add capacity - simply connect another storage node and EFS rebalance the distribution of data
  • Scales from single storage node to enterprise cluster
  • Delivers a combination of dedicated metadata servers, optimised metadata structure, and managed transactional intensity - every frame of every file is delivered on time, every time

Creative and workflow freedom - Free to choose your own creative toolset as well as a full set of RESTful APIs enabling you to support workflows to suit your needs.

Optimised for digital media workflows - Designed for media and production environments. Redefines storage to maximize digital media performance that is equally suitable for deployment on-premise or in the cloud.

Scalable - Start small and grow with non-disruptive, cost-effective scaling up to 5PB and beyond supporting hundreds of millions of assets.

EditShare FLEX


FLEX is a suite of cloud-based asset management and storage software.

  • A straightforward way for media businesses large and small to embrace the advantages of the cloud
  • Allows creative staff to work anywhere while ensuring secure synchronization of content and progress
  • Designed for plug and play with no need for extensive and complex configuration and network management
  • Provides rapid scalability to meet production deadlines while controlling costs and moving to an opex business model

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FLOW Media Management


What if there was a smarter way to go through thousands of assets, scattered across multiple servers and USB devices throughout your facility? FLOW is a media management platform that supports and manages all types of media content, whether located on premise, in the cloud or as a hybrid implementation.

FLOW handles all of your media by indexing every file, centralising them and enabling easy access through a simple, efficient UI.

Work with any NLE - Use your tools of choice with full asset tracking and native drag-and-drop with no transcoding.

Enable remote production - Whether working at your desk, remotely connecting from your home, or working in the cloud, your media management suite is available to manage your production workflow.

Easy to deploy - Download today and be set up in a matter of minutes.

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Flexible Customer Assurance Support Plans to Support Your EditShare Solution

Digistor Customer Assurance Plans are designed to quickly and cost-effectively resolve support incidents and problems to minimise downtime and get you back to what you do best. From small technical hurdles to a complete infrastructure redevelopment, our Customer Assurance Plans have you covered.

No matter what your project, contact our specialists at Digistor and we'll collaborate with you to find the perfect EditShare solution.