Jonathan YeoJonathan, welcome to the team at Digistor Training Centre, it is great to have you on board. You have a wealth of experience working in live theatre production and design. Can you explain your background?

I have an extensive history working in computer technology and live event production which has provided the basis for my 3D visualisation skill set. I initially studied Computer Science (Hons) followed some time later by a post graduate diploma in Theatre Production Management. I then toured extensively with productions as diverse as opera, musical theatre, concerts and plays. I spent more than 15 years using AutoCAD and since specialising in 3D visualisation for the events and entertainment industry in 2011 I have amassed a wealth of expertise in 3ds Max, VRay, After Effects, Photoshop and Revit.

Can you explain how you work with organisations to help them achieve their visualisation goals?

I work with companies to develop specialist workflows to optimise their visualisation processes. This may draw on my experience of setting up and managing render farms to increase output, tips on speeding up renders or my practical lighting knowledge from my theatre days to produce realistic visualisations. I also specialise in producing visuals and construction drawings for theatre, film, TV and corporate events.

Can you help companies who are looking at moving these processes in house?

Yes, I can train in the creation of CAD models, which contain all the information that is needed later in the production process. It is possible to learn how to use AutoCAD and 3ds Max to create models that are used to produce construction drawings for scenic workshops, colour references for the paint shops, floor plans, elevations and much more.

Which other products would you suggest customers learn to achieve the best results?

It would be good for customers to develop strong areas of knowledge in modelling, Vray texturing, Vray IES lighting, Backburner, AutoCAD, Revit, the Autodesk Suite workflow, plus AutoCAD drafting and modelling.

That’s an extensive list, can you assist in all these areas?

Autodesk 3DS Max

I will shortly be launching a 2 day class for Digistor entitled 3ds Max – Introduction to Modelling for Visualisation with VRay. This would be a good start point. There is also an AutoCAD class being planned for those that would like to learn the entire process. In addition to software product training I am also available for workflow training in the specific areas that are mentioned above either on site or at Digistor. It may be that the tools are already being utilised in house and I can help to build upon the existing knowledge.

Thanks Jonathan, how can our customers find out more about your skills and talents and how you can assist with getting them up to speed with their visualisation requirements?

Customers should come along to my next class or contact Digistor if they would like to discuss specialist training. Alternatively have a look at my website to see what is capable.

3ds Max – Introduction to Modelling for Visualisation with VRay

For further information on how Jonathan Yeoman or other Digistor trainers can help with your specific training requirements please contact Sarah Palmer on [email protected] or 02 9431 6032