DriveWith everything going digital, there is no doubt that in every Post Production Studio, business relies upon the availability and access of data. It is prudent to realise and accept that data is critical to business and investing in keeping the business's data secured is a priority. Success in the digital age is all about uptime and accessibility of data.

While there are a lot of ways to protect your data from corruption or damage of storage (through regular backups, archive and saving to the cloud), the recovery period can take time in order to get your production back and running.

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, and in the world of Information Technology, identifying risks and avoiding them is better than spending months in trying to fix problems. This blog provides the main reasons steps for prevention need to be taken and outlines a list of 5 risks of running an older shared storage for your production:

Old Xsan1 – Old Shared Storage tends to be End of Life
Let’s face it, everyone wants to get their return of investment and squeezing in a few more years on that old faithful gives you that extra savings and perhaps even a holiday in a secluded island. When a product is end of life, that generally means they don’t manufacture it anymore. Spare parts are limited and vendor support is always a "push back". Not to mention that the warranty would be expired and every single repair is billable which is a huge risk and cost. You would hate to have to cut your holidays short because of this.

2 – Ageing drives are a ticking time bomb
Imagine your hard drives spinning for a good 3 years without a break. Wear and Tear is described as a damage that naturally occurs and unfortunately drives are not immune to wear and tear. While most storage solutions are set to a RAID level that can handle 1 or 2 failed drives at once, no RAID can handle a 6-drive failure at once, which I have seen happen to a set of ageing drives. Again, I'd hate to see you cut your holidays short because of this.

3 – Spare parts are hard to find (or no longer available)
Very self-explanatory. Even the guy who sells 2nd hand spare parts on eBay tends to run out of stock.

DDP4 – Fragmentation
Old shared storage often reaches a point where it has been full, not once, not twice, but multiple times. File System Fragmentation is your regular party pooper, it ruins everything. Fragmentation has the tendency to drop performance on the storage which impacts your overall productivity.

5 – Old Shared Storage has a higher chance of failure
If there is anything you’d like to increase your chances of, it definitely isn't failure. A smart business in a digital age aims for high availability, accessibility and uptime. If your core backend system is already unable to provide you with this or is at the stage of failing to provide you with this, then it’s high time to replace it.

You may be at risk with your old shared storage solution. If you are running your shared storage for more than 3 years or beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period, maybe it’s time to have that discussion.

If you think you need an expert advice on how to keep your data secured and increase your success and uptime, speak to us.