As Autodesk continues its strategy in the Cloud and Desktop Subscription worlds there are some things you, the 3D customer, must know. Whether you embrace change or prefer the ostrich approach, the changes to the way Autodesk will conduct its business in future will have an effect on your business. As a medium term effort to prepare for change, here are a few introductory points that are essential reading. As always, contact Digistor for any questions or assistance.

  1. From 1st February 2015 Autodesk will no longer offer upgrades to the latest software if you own a perpetual licence.
    Autodesk’s medium term strategy is to migrate customers to Desktop Subscription and eventually discontinue selling perpetual licences. Upgrades will be the first items to be withdrawn although maintenance on existing software will continue.

  2. Taking out Maintenance Subscription renewal preserves your perpetual software investment.
    Even after 1st February 2015 you will be able to keep your software up-to-date by remaining on Maintenance Subscription. You can even renew your Maintenance Subscription contract by up to 3 years to give you peace of mind and attract an extra 5% discount.

  3. Autodesk Subscription is a term based method to rent software annually or quarterly.
    In line with customers’ demand for flexibility so Desktop Subscription has grown in popularity. You pay for a fixed term which you can renew or let expire. This is ideal for short-term spikes in production or where projects are tightly financed. It has the latest software and Technical Support built in, with the possibility to roll back to earlier versions if your pipeline requires it.

  4. Autodesk is waiving late fees until 17th October 2014 for customers whose maintenance expired 364 days ago or less.
    This is something of an amnesty for anyone who has neglected to renew maintenance on time. However, this must be ordered before the Friday 17th October cut-off.

  5. Save up to 15% on your upgrade if processed before 17th October 2014.
    Upgrade promos will end on Friday 17th October and revert back to standard promo pricing. This really is the last chance to get current and take advantage of the savings. An upgrade only, is discounted by 5% on the normal upgrade cost, and 15% when taking our Maintenance Contract at the same time.

  6. Finance is available to spread the cost of software and Maintenance Subscriptions from 1 year to 5 years.
    Owning a perpetual licence is the best solution for anyone committed to using software for the long term. Leasing software as part of a system helps to spread the initial cost and ongoing maintenance subscriptions to form a regular, tax deductible, operating expense. Leases can also be established whereby at the end of the contract the lessee assumes ownership of the equipment. 

Digistor is here to offer friendly advice and assistance on all your Autodesk softweare needs. Contact us by email or by calling 02 9431 6005 tio discuss your needs.

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