Digistor sells a lot of converters, literally thousands.  The two major brands are Blackmagic and AJA and we are often asked what is the difference.  Here is a couple of points to consider when purchasing:

1/ Blackmagic is generally cheaper however has a 3 year warranty

2/ AJA tends to be a little bit more expensive however has a 5 year warranty

Many of our customers like the rich feature set AJA products tend to have over Blackmagic.  Here is a recent user story AJA did with Shine Australia.

This quote really gives you something to consider:

“AJA technology really works; it’s dependable. This is crucial in the fast paced, high-pressure environment that we work in. There is no time for second guessing hardware, and we never have to with our AJA gear. Their team has consistently given us the great service and support that we need to continue doing our jobs right,” he concluded.

I created the following table which gives you the Blackmagic and AJA equivalents along with Digistor item numbers so you can browse on our website:

Blackmagic Item Blackmagic Description AJA Item AJA Equivalent
  Atem   Tricaster
BMD00024 Broadcast Converter AJA00057 FS1
BMD00031 Mini Converter - Analog to SDI AJA00284 V2Digital
BMD00053 Mini Converter - Audio to SDI AJA00028 HD10AMA
BMD00032 Mini Converter - HDMI to SDI AJA00082 HA5
BMD00054 Mini Converter - Optical Fiber   FIDO Range
BMD00126 Mini Converter - SDI Distribution AJA00085 3GDA
BMD00033 Mini Converter - SDI to Analog AJA00285 V2Analog
BMD00055 Mini Converter - SDI to Audio AJA00028 HD10AMA
BMD00034 Mini Converter - SDI to HDMI AJA00045 HI5
BMD00190 Mini Converter - SDI to HDMI 4K AJA00265 HI5-4K
BMD00030 Mini Converter - Sync Generator AJA00056 Gen10
BMD00084 Mini Converter - Up/Down/Cross AJA00211 UDC
  Hyperdecks   KiPros
DVI Extender DVI Extender AJA00264 ROI
BMD00187 DeckLink 4K Extreme AJA00168 Kona 3G
BMD00043 Decklink SDI AJA00209 Kona Lhe Plus
BMD00062 Decklink Studio AJA00209 Kona Lhe Plus
  Vidio Hubs   Kumo
BMD00152 Intensity Extreme Thunderbolt AJA00210 IO XT
BMD00162 Intensity Shuttle Thunderbolt AJA00210 IO XT
BMD00194 UltraStudio 4K TBC IO 4K
BMD00196 UltraStudio Mini Monitor AJA00227 T-Tap