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This year, Avid announced a brand new purchasing model for the Media Composer family.

If you own a Media Composer license that you understand these changes and act BEFORE the Christmas 2014 break to optimise your license options.

License Options

There are now three options available:

  1. A monthly subscription at a rate of $74.99 (USD) offered through the Avid online store
  2. An annual subscription to available from Digistor for $599ex GST
  3. A perpetual license (customers purchase and own the software; the license does not expire), available for purchase from Digistor at $1,299ex GST

Avid Support the Key Factor

Avid support is now the key factor, determining how much you spend upgrading versions.

If you are on Media Composer 7 or below there is one avenue to upgrade to Media Composer 8 and that is to purchase Standard Avid support which costs $326.36 ex GST. This means not only do you get access to Avid's customer support, you're entitled to receive every software upgrade that's released throughout the year. As the year anniversary approaches, you'll simply renew your annual Standard Avid Support to continue to get support and upgrades.

If you don't renew and let your Avid support expire, that's fine – your license will continue to run, but it will be frozen at the last version you upgraded to, and you won't be able to upgrade it further.

The good news is if you're on Media Composer 8 you already have 12 months Standard Avid Support included. When software updates are released, they'll be automatically deposited to your My Avid account, and you'll get a notification that it's available from Application Manager (a new companion app that comes with Media Composer Software and manages your licensing, installations, and upgrades, among other things).

Having an Avid Support plan means you never have to worry about buying the right upgrade or guessing what your upgrade budget will be for the next year will be; you always have access to any and every upgrade for the same price each year.

If you don't have Avid Standard Support plan before the year is up, your perpetual license will continue to work indefinitely. It will not, however, be upgradeable; it will be frozen at the last software version you upgraded to. If someday you decided you'd like to get the latest version of software, you'll need to buy a new Media Composer software license (perpetual or subscription).

Time to Act Now

Avid is currently offering a grace period until December 31, for users without support to get back on.

We recommend purchasing Support prior to Christmas as many companies close down over this period. For $326.36 ex GST, Media Composer users can guarantee the next year of Media Composer updates; including support of DNxHR, the new resolution independent codec for high-res Avid Editing.

Digistor is focused on the needs of our clients, providing the most accurate information possible, so you can execute better. We have trained consultants, ready to answer questions about Media Composer licensing and upgrade plans.

Please reach out any time: 02 9431 6000 or [email protected].

* Note that the Digistor office will be closed from 5pm Dec 23rd for Christmas break.

Full software details and conditions are available here.