Avid Technologies recently announced major changes to how customers can purchase & support future versions of Media Composer®.  Previously, a new copy of Media Composer® could be purchased for $1,099, while customers that had previous versions would be able to upgrade at a discount rate.  Customers can now purchase Media Composer® in 4 ways, including monthly/yearly subscriptions, perpetual license or floating license pack.  Regardless of purchase method, clients can either continue making monthly/yearly payments, or with perpetual licenses, pay for support (after the first year), in order to receive future versions. This new flexible method aims to simplify future MC upgrades, but also makes it imperative to renew yearly Avid support.

There are Four Options available:

•  A monthly subscription to Media Composer® at monthly rate of $74.99 (USD) offered through the Avid webstore.

•  An annual subscription to Media Composer®, available from Key Code Media for $719.

•  A Media Composer® perpetual license (customers purchase and own the software; the license does not expire), available for purchase from Digistor at $1,599 and includes one year of support.

•  Media Composer® floating license packs, available for purchase through Media Composer in packs of 20 or 50 for $2,155per seat, also includes one year of support.

Lets break it down:

1) Yearly or Monthly Subscribe to Media Composer®

Customers can subscribe to Avid Media Composer® at a monthly subscription rate of $74.99 USD (Avid Webstore Only) or annual subscription for $719 a year. There is a huge incentive to purchase an annual subscription, saving you almost $300 /year from monthly cost and is $880 cheaper than a perpetual license.

The catch- if a customer decides to stop paying the annual subscription, the software will no longer work. This is the biggest difference between the subscription & perpetual license model.

An advantage to monthly subscription is that you can cancel at any time. With yearly subscription, there is no reimbursement method for early cancellation. Customers with either subscription models will automatically receive the ability to upgrade to newer versions at zero cost.

For subscription, the following is included in your yearly $719 payment:

•  Media Composer | Software

•  Media Composer | Symphony® Option

•  NewBlue Titler Pro v2

•  Sorenson Squeeze Lite

•  Boris Continuum Complete Lite

•  iZotope Insight (30-day trial)

•  Standard Avid Support (including all software updates/upgrades)

2) Buy Media Composer® (perpetual license)

Perpetual license is much like the old traditional way of purchasing Media Composer®. The software can be purchased at a flat rate of $1,599 or $2,199 including USB dongle . This includes one year of software updates & support. After the first year, perpetual support will be $360 per year.

It’s also worth noting that perpetual license does not include Sorenson Squeeze Lite, Symphony® Option or Boris Continuum Complete Lite and NewBlue Titler Pro is V1.  The big difference is with Symphony, since the Boris Lite is five effects and most clients use a transcoder off their SAN. Although, some 3rd party options can be purchased separately in the Media Composer Production Pack for $719 and now Symphony option can be purchased for $899.

A huge advantage to perpetual licenses is that you will be able to roll-back Media Composer to earlier version of the software. Currently, roll-back support is only for Media Composer versions 8.0, 7.0.4, and 6.5.4.

There clearly is a price, features & convenience incentive for people to consider the subscription method.

3) Purchase Floating License packs

Floating licenses is primarily targeted for large Avid Rental companies, post facilities and education institutions. Packages currently come in 20 or 50 license packs, were facilities can assign or reassign any individual license to any given staff member. This gives flexibility for facilities that are constantly bringing on different editors, pending on a specific project.

It will cost $600, per license, to convert existing facilities licenses, or $2,155 for net new floating licenses. An additional $360 support is required to keep licenses current and not expire, similar to yearly/monthly subscription. 

Media Composer® floating license pack purchases come with easy-to-use Avid Floating License Server software, which enables customers to distribute licenses quickly and easily across their facility—on demand—from a single, centralized server. The license server is on a Windows-based computer (see the minimum system requirements below)—they simply enter their licensing server address into Media Composer during installation and the rest of the process is automatic.

Once installed, your customers can access the floating license server from any Windows- or Mac-based client system, making administration and management easy—and convenient when they’re physically not in the facility. And when using a disk image to install multiple Media Composer seats across a facility, simply entering the server address once in the image means the licensing process is completely transparent to end users.

What Is Included In New Avid Media Composer® Support?

A standard 1-year Avid Support plan is now included with all Media Composer® subscriptions and purchases. If a customer’s support needs are more demanding, he or she can upgrade to Elite support for an additional cost, either as part of a monthly/annual subscription plan or a perpetual license. (Expert and ExpertPlus support are being discontinued.)

A huge new benefit is Digistor is your front line call.  We have immediate access to Avid support & can log your call, as well engage in solving the issues with your Media Composer.

Further details about the support plans can be found here: