There was certainly lots of excitement in and around the multiple Halls that made up the Computex 2013 Trade Show. With lots of walking through the huge number of USB Adapters and chargers, Touch Pads and Touch Screen devices, more walking occasional stopping to be intrigued by the excitement of some gatherings with many raising their arms in the hope of being selected for a give away. Yes it might just be for a key ring or show bag with pens and brochures, but they were excited for the chance to win!! 

Moving on through there were some mind blowing computer cases which I'm sure were overclocked and supercharged with multiple top of the line GTX Gaming GPUs. However, through all this there were certainly a number of items that got my interest that were more along the lines of what Digistor is all about.

So, here's an overview of what stood out for me at Computex 2013.

Storage Servers

There were quite a number of mostly chassis. Similar to the Infortrend range with NAS, SAS, iSCSI & FC options. Some notable brands were...

  • AIC - With Servers, Storage & Enclosures. Comparable to Infortrend without some of the backup and management features. Expandable Rack Mounted chassis with JBOD's.
  • Proware - Some nice options for smaller Direct Connect RAID's with eSATA, FireWire, USB 3.0. Also had SAS Connected Tower and Rack Mounted chassis with some Dual Controller and Expandable models available. iSCSI solutions were also available and a wide variety of NAS with Tower and Rack Mountable Solutions with Two or Three 1GbE ports.
  • Promise - VTrak was the High performance options Promise had on offer with FC & SAS models available. The FC Model offers Quad Fibre Channel ports per controller. Single and Dual Controller models available. The VTrak J930s offers 4U/60-Bay Enclosure. Dual active SAS I/O modules each with four 6G SAS ports.

Budget RAID Arrays

  • Promise - Showing off their Thunderbolt devices, Promise were showing the familiar R4 & R6 RAID along with the J2 & J4. Very small portable RAIDs, the J2 has 2 6G mSATA SSD's available in 256GB or 512GB. The J4 similar in style to the Mac Mini has 4 x 500GB 2.5"5400RPM SATA drives. Like the R4 & R6, the J4 can have multiple units daisy chained together.
  • Synology - Offering nice looking budget storage options ranging from direct attached USB/eSATA/Firewire as well as SAS models to their reliable NAS solutions. The have a wide variety with smaller tower as well as rack mount options. Many of their models are also expandable.
  • SansDigital- Very neat and sleek looking RAIDs. Wide range of options from Mobile RAID series with USB 3.0/eSATA/FW800. They also have a range of Thunderbolt RAIDs from 2-bay up to 8-bay in tower and rack mount models. Higher up their food chain they had NAS Storage upgradable to 10GbE as well as SAS and Fibre Channel models.
  • SSi - Very nice looking RAID with a focus on trayless/screwless HDD install and multiple interface options. Many RAID enclosures having, USB 2.0 & 3.0/eSATA/Firewire 400 & 800/1GbE. Also available from SSI were HDD Docking Stations and HDD Duplications units. These are supported by most of their RAID arrays.
  • Sunnytek- Small trayless RAID's. Mostly eSATA &/or USB 3.0 interface.


The standout here was definitely the SuperBlade Servers.

  • 20 CPU's per 7U (or 40 in a TwinBlade 7U) giving you a up to massive 240 CPUs per 42U Standard Rack.
  • Industry Leading 94%+ Efficiency Power Supplies.
  • 10GbE Layer2/3 and FCoE switch modules.
  • FDR/QDR InfiniBand switch modules.

Docking Stations

  • SSi - As mentioned above have USB 3.0 Docking stations available as well as HDD Duplicators.
  • Kingwin - Kingwin had a nice USB 3.0 Docking station which is also a duplicator.
  • Highpoint - Along with their variety of HBA's Highpoint had some great Docking stations. The various models included, Thunderbolt, Dual eSATA, Single eSATA and Dual USB 3.0. 
  • Unitek - On top of their wide variety of Card Readers, USB Extnders/Adapters/Converter, Unitek had some nice Docking stations as well. Dual Disk with Offline Cloning as well as a Thunderbolt model which also supports Dual Disc RAID. 

SSD/PCIe/Flash Storage 

A huge amount of SSDs available to see. Most brands never heard of before. All max 540GB at largest except for one from KingMax which is releasing a 1TB in the next month or so. Hopefully this is a sign other more well known brands will start to release larger capacity SSDs in the near future.

  • OCZ - Tried and tested and generally found on compatibility lists of various products Digistor provide.. Also on offer was their bootable PCIe Card. Capacities up to 960GB with a bandwidth of up to 1500MM/s
  • SanDisk - Much like OCZ, well known player in the SSD market. High performance Extreme II is the pick from SanDisk. 
  • Super*Talent - With a focus on Enterprise, Industrial and Flash Media Cards, this is a brand you may be hearing more from. on top of their SSD's, CF Cards and various other memory components, they have a PCIe RAID Drive SSD with capacities up to 2TB giving a Max Speed of up to 3.2GB/s Read/Write.
  • Western Digital – WD not wanting to go full SSD option have opted for a Hybrid (SSHD) which is from a partnership with SanDisk.
  • Some others included Kingfast, ASANTron, Innodisk & Afaya to name a few.


  • ATEN - ATEN was the king here. Huge variety of KVMs for all purposes and any extender you could possibly think of.
  • OXCA - KVM Switches and Extenders as well as Rack Mount LCD Drawers and Power over IP
  • OCT - Offering Enterprise & SMB KVM Switches.
  • Wingtop - Industrial Grade KVM Switches, Splitters & Extenders as well as Modularized LCD KVMs.

Other Noteworthy Products

  • Leadtek - WinFast Workstations. In particular their WS2000 aimed at Visualisation for Manufacturing Design and Media & Entertainment.
  • Optech - High Speed and Performance Cables and Transceivers. Mini SAS, CX4, 10G SFP+, XFP, QSFP+ & 120G CXP. Compatible with CISCO, Juniper, HP, 3Com, Force10 & more.
  • TUV (Beam Tech) - Variety of tower and Rack Mount UPS with LCD Function Displays.
  • iBASE - Fully functioned Digital Signage Players from Entry Level to Extreme Performance.