Jordan NAB14April has always been my month. But this year makes it more interesting.

To give everyone an idea, I turned 30 last 20-April. I spent a week overseas to see friends and family. Had a double long weekend during Easter and ANZAC day, I sprained my ankle taking the winning shot in a competitive game of basketball. But one of the most memorable days I had for this month was attending NAB2014 in Vegas.

I’ve been to the show before and this year is my second NAB. The first time was overwhelming to the point where there was so much information to take. The second time around is even more overwhelming with a lot of new products, updates and "the need to check this function, product, etc".

But what makes this trip more worth it is that you get to know the key people in the industry and have that 1-on-1 discussions with them.

I was able to check out MXFServer and spoke to the guys who created it. Attended a pre-show Editshare gathering and heard what’s coming even before the show. Saw the new AJA and Blackmagic cameras even before the show started. Caught-up with my main man from SmallTree who showed us their new toys and had a very interesting discussion about 10GbE over Cat6. Had a few demos and dinner with the guys from Ardis/DDP - what an awesome group. Meet up with the guys from Cantemo - the list goes on. We also checked out new products and new updates which we’ll be showing on the Digistor NAB 2014 Webinar.

The whole NAB experience tops up with amazing food all day. Some of the crazy meals I had below.

Overall, the trip was well worth it. We learned new products, saw new updates and met people in this industry we love so much.

If you are keen to know what is new and what is hot from the NAB Show 2014, join our NAB 2014 Webinar on the 8th of May

JP and me. This is how we rolled in Vegas!

AJA CION camera piece by piece.

Field 2 by EditShare.

Matt Checking the new toys at the Small-Tree booth.

DDP's new look.

New add-ons for Dejero Transmitters.

Massive "Make your own Taco", more like "Feed your Family Taco".

Hawaiian Style Ahi Poke … hmmmm.

I've been underestimating their food servings, and this is one giant crème brule.

I love this idea, Meatball Burger!

The Wetzel Dog is the official NAB lunch.

And I won't forget, Fried Chicken and Waffles…. For Breakfast!