RelocateIt’s a great feeling “to be at home”. It’s where you feel most secure and relaxed. It’s hard to find the perfect place to settle, start a family, raise kids, and call it home, but once you find and start building, it all feels so good.

One of the worst feelings is finding the right place to call home and then having to move and to move your entire life with you.

Now shift focus and imagine moving your business from one office location to another – yes, double the stress.

What may seem to be the perfect office location today might not be the perfect one in a few years or so. Businesses expand and outgrow offices, leases expire, locations are too hard to find or rents become too high. Many factors may force a business to move and find the next right office space. The challenge is how do you bring your entire IT infrastructure and systems with you when you move?

I’ve moved houses several times now and common preparations include organizing electricity, gas, water (for some), mail, internet, cable tv, phone … the list goes on. The same is true for moving your business. You need to deal with the same headache… and more. Take into consideration moving your Servers, RAID Storage, Rack, Cabling and IT equipment while you struggle to find the office screwdriver and continue to run a business.

I have undertaken several business relocation in the course of my career, from small businesses to big, and below are tips to help you relocate you IT Infrastructure:

  1. Decide to get someone to do the it – Yes, that is the first tip I would suggest. There is so much happening during the actual move day (and pre-move day) that you won’t have enough time to do everything yourself. Worry about the things you can handle, like Signage, new furniture to match the new location, updating clients with your new location, changing address on business cards, emails signature and website. Last thing you want to do is go crazy over which server needs to be shutdown first. Once you find someone to manage your IT relocation, have them fully involved during the planning phase.

  2. Evaluate your ISP – now is a good time to evaluate you Internet Service Provider and how happy you are. If you are not happy with the existing ISP’s service get a new one for your new office.

  3. Site Audit – Like inspecting a house for rent, you need to inspect your new office. If you decided to get someone to manage your IT infrastructure move, then get them to do a site audit during the early planning stages to ensure you have the right location for Server Room, Air-conditioning, Power and Cabling. If your new location does not have these existing, then a site audit will give you enough time to get builders, electricians and cabling guys to set it up. Last thing you want is moving everything to find out there are no patch cables on the walls.

  4. Start with a backup in mind – I’m not talking about a backup plan (which is also good to have), but more to do with backing up your servers and storage. The move and relocation can be demanding on equipment and older servers and hard drives can suffer increased wear and tear during the process. Having a backup of your important company data will decrease your overall relocation risk, increase service availability and reduce impact in the event of a server not booting up or a hard drive on the RAID set failing. If you start with a backup in mind, you can start early to ensure that data risk is not in the way of your relocation schedule.

  5. Treat your Relocation as a Major Project  - and it is a major project. That being said, you need someone to Project Manage this move for you to reduce downtime and impact your business. IT Project Managers who deal with moving and relocation know that downtime is the enemy here. More downtime means you lose more money and business during your move.

If you are in a situation where you need to move and don’t know how to deal with your IT Infrastructure, get the experts to do it.

Digistor Relocate ServiceDigistor has undertaken numerous facility relocations from big to small, with different client requirements with respect to downtime and IT service availability. Digistor’s Relocate service includes Project Management and Site Audit of the existing and new facility, decommissioning of existing facility and re-commissioning of your system in the new facility and assistance in the planning of your move.

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