Have you ever needed to send your Smoke on Mac log files to a support team for assistance with your Creative Finishing suite?

Log Extractor IconWell, the Digistor team has created a small application to grab your Smoke on Mac log files so you can email them to Support and save some turnaround time and simplify the resolution process. 

This little app will run on any Macintosh that has one of the Smoke suites installed. It will grab 3 sets of log files and tar (combine) them up so you can send them along with your email to support.

The benefit of this is that an engineer can get a handle on what is going wrong before they remote in.

The 3 sets of log files are:

  • The most recent log files (shell, app, wiretap, vic, etc)
  • All log files created in the last 24 hours
  • All log files ever created by your smoke application

These files are then tar'd to your desktop into a file containing your machine name and date, which you can then include in your email to Support.

Please find below the download link for this application:

Download Smoke Log Finder Mac Application (2.8K .zip)