Have you ever wanted easy & instant access to your media library directly from your NewTek products?


NewTek TriCasterWell now you can with the new CatDV integration. CatDV For TriCaster runs directly on the TriCaster platform and brings metadata management to this leading live Production and publication solution.

With this integration you can search the CatDV database for historic, reusable footage and bring a set of clips directly into TriCaster for play out etc... The plug-in is available as a free of charge update for all CatDV Web licensees.

So how does it work? Well for starters you will need to have either a TriCaster 410, 460, 860 or 8000. Of course you’re also required to have CatDV server 6.8 or newer with at least one web session available.

Once you have installed the CatDV for TriCaster plugin & made the correct path mapping configurations in the CatDV Server you are then able to trigger CatDV for TriCaster while in a TriCaster session as seen in the above image. Simply login with your CatDV web client credentials and enter a search term to find the media you require.

You can view your low quality proxies, select individual or multiple clips & hit the “Send Results” button. On doing this your hi-res clips will then open in TriCaster.

More detailed installation & configuration instructions can be found here.

Known Limitations

Media must be accessible to the CatDV server and the TriCaster with the same path so that hi-res media can be shared between the two systems. This means that hi-res media must be stored on a central shared storage device that both TriCaster and CatDV can see.

CatDV for TriCaster v1.0.1 can run on any CatDV 6.9 Server (mac or Windows) as long as the original path mappings are configured as detailed here.

If using CatDV for TriCaster v1.0.0 or CatDV Server 6.8 then CatDV Server must only run on Windows (so that hi-res file paths are accessible to the Server and TriCaster using the same path).

Feel free to Contact Us at Digistor for any information you need on this integration or for any of your Media Asset Management or Live Production & Streaming requirements.