Creativity and Entertainment is the fuel of Post Production and Broadcast. When there is overflowing creativity and the desire to entertain, our industry will thrive.

Partnership ProgramHowever, in every business venture there are challenges - and we find that the common ones are budgeting for your new system and ongoing support, which go hand in hand. High-end post production and broadcast equipment and systems are never set and forget. Over time these systems degrade and can result in downtime for a business that demands absolute uptime and sustainability. This is why investing in a high-end system requires an equal investment in a high level of support.

Digistor is the leader in providing consultation when it comes to finding the right system for your production. And Digistor leads in providing quality Service Level Agreements to support these systems.

Forecasting in the current financial climate can be tough, so to make it easier to cover your system under SLA we have developed a new DCAP fee framework. Digistor's "Partnership" program enables you to take advantage of fixed price on SLA's for 3 years. Also included is complimentary system consultation and design for the 3rd year to help with your upgrades - ensuring your system is always performing at its maximum. Whether you are upgrading your system, or moving to another one – it’s easier with a Digistor Partnership.

Worry about the creative and entertainment side of the business and let Digistor handle the technical and support aspect.

For more details about Digistor Services visit or speak with the Service team at 0294316000.