Smooth Transitioning to your new NLE – Adobe Premiere Pro CC

We are getting plenty of calls from customers who are in the process of switching to Adobe Premiere Pro and are looking to retrain their creative team. With Premiere Pro CC boasting over 50 new features designed to make the transition easier than ever, including common commands, panels, and keyboard shortcuts it is easy to see the attraction.

Tight integration with Adobe After Effects and Photoshop and real-time performance add to the experience. Now with Creative Cloud, you can get the entire collection of Adobe creative software — including the industry-leading video tools — at an affordable price for faster, smoother productions from screenwriting to post-production.

Digistor can provide specialist training to your creative team to smoothly transition you to Premiere Pro while minimising down time and ensuring that your workflow is optimised. Our trainers work closely with the technical team and your Account Manager to ensure that the training & installation is handled as seamlessly as possible.

Digistor's in-house or on-site training is delivered by a range of trainers with long-term broadcast experience in post production, and state-of-the-art expertise in a 360 degree delivery. It comes tailor-made for all our clients' needs, and can be conducted within the context of the workplace; either on a one-to-one basis, or in group sessions.

The training can focus on staff induction into a new programs such as Premiere for FCP Editors or Avid Media Composer etc- or it may span across all the software used at a particular site, with the aim of optimising a global production workflow. This can involve the automation and stream-lining of repetitive tasks; or the fine-tuning of specific software skills to achieve more polished results.

Our trainers consult with you beforehand to shape the training, and offer follow-up support after it is completed. They may also act as 'production safety-net' for Go-Live situations or on particular jobs. Clients are offered a choice of written 'cheat-sheets' / glossaries and Wikis as documentation, or digital records of the training sessions, indexed for easy retrieval.

In fact the key word in Digistor training is flexibility, because our trainers bring seasoned, in-house experience from all around the country. They have worked with all of the major networks and large production companies. They have assisted editing staff, graphics departments and Tech Services alike, and are highly adept in a networked environment, across the ensemble of Apple, AVID and Adobe products. 

Transitioning to Premiere Pro with Digistor

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is one of the preferred choices of video editing software for many now within the Broadcast, Academic and Corporate sectors. When used in conjunction with other applications from the Adobe CC family, it's clear that the ensemble offers a reliable, industry-standard alternative to Final Cut Studio.

Our Premiere Pro for FCP Editors training is designed to help experienced editors to switch with ease to Premiere Pro CC from FCP. We know we don't need to teach these people how to edit – just how to perform the same tasks as before using a different interface. That's not to say that we can't teach producers to edit. We can, but for seasoned editors, the process can be much more short, sweet and effective. Here are some of the things our previous clients wanted to learn in priority over a 1-2 day course. We can include the list below in your training plus cover off on any other areas that may be critical to your successful switch to Premiere Pro. 

  • Essential shortcut keys and best practice workflows for Premiere Pro.
  • Bringing FCP projects into Premiere Pro CC
  • Customising Premiere like FCP for the quickest translation of skills
  • Setting up a project, sorting and marking footage
  • Premiere's new refined trimming tools, incl. “Hover scrub”.
  • Editing techniques in Premiere Pro for clip, documentary and fiction
  • Storyboard Editing and Quick View strategies
  • Titling & Effects – inc. green screen, colour correction, stabilisation
  • Multi Camera editing and post-syncing audio from external devices
  • Media Management
  • Workflows across Photoshop, Audition and Speedgrade.
  • Dynamic Link to After Effects - how to create spectacular opening titles
  • Animation techniques
  • Plug-ins and templates
  • Exporting for multi-platform using Adobe Media Encoder
  • Using Premiere Pro with Apple Pro Apps.

We look forward to meeting your technical, creative and production staff, to discover how your learning experience with Digistor can be optimised, and the best outcomes achieved with your new tools.

If you require further information or would like to discuss the training options available from Digistor please contact:

Sarah Palmer
Training Services Manager
p: +61 (0) 2 9431 6032
e: [email protected]