Artist | DNxIO, DNxIQ, and DNxID

Desktop Video Software v11.0 has been released. This update provides fixes for a number of issues, including:

  • Long pause when performing an audio punch-in after system idle for a long period

Customers using the DNxIO, DNxIQ or DNxID are recommended to upgrade to v11.0 at their earliest convenience.

Artist | DNxIV and DNxIP

Desktop Software v15.1 has been released. This update provides updates and fixes for a number of issues, including:

  • AJA Control Panel: Simultaneous HD downconvert: For 12G-SDI products only (KONA 5, Io 4K Plus / DNxIV) - simultaneous HD downconvert available on outputs 4 / 5 when output 3 is being used for 4K.
  • macOS support: OS10.11 is the earliest version of macOS that will allow installation of 15.1 or later.
  • Output freezing when audio scrub is enabled
  • No firmware update message after upgrading firmware
  • HDMI interlaced captures have incorrect field order
  • Follow input is not being saved as preset
  • Initial plugin load outputs garbage image
  • When AJA Capture Settings dialog is set to Control Panel, changes are unsaved
  • Audio Metering for idle capture/punch-in is broken
  • CC output dies when switching between clips of differing frame rates/rasters
  • Analog output widget contextual menu has incorrect options
  • Can get in a state where Closed Captions do not display correctly from input
  • Analog audio outs have significant phase shift at high frequency
  • Control Room crashes when changing frame rates in bin on High Sierra
  • DNxIP: corrupt frame at beginning of capture

Customers using the DNxIV or DNxIP are recommended to upgrade to v15.1 at their earliest convenience.

Updates of Artist IO software can be downloaded from your AVID Master Account.

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