Changed in Media Composer v2019.7

Media Composer v2019.7 has been tested with Nvidia driver v431.02. Although Avid tested and recommends this version, you are not limited to this driver. You can access your graphics card website for information on the driver matching your card. Please note that Avid can not guarantee Media Composer will operate as expected when using an untested driver version. You may need to install the tested driver version when attempting to resolve technical issues.

Fixed in Media Composer v2019.7

The following have been fixed:

  • Bug Number: MCCET-2905. Using the arrow up and arrow down keys to move clips from one track to another did not work when a nested effect was open.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3016. Audio meters did not display in the Audio Tool, Audio Mixer or Timeline window during a Digital Cut.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-2986. In some instances, adjusting audio level from the Audio Mixer, while playing a sequence, did not affect the volume.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3006. (Windows) Media Composer would crash when importing embedded AAF into a 25fps HD project.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3112. (Script View) In some instances, Media Composer would crash when scrolling in a large bin and while playing in the Source/Record monitor.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3003. You could not rename group clip tracks.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-2899. All related media object were not highlighted when selecting media relatives if you grouped clips and selected Select Sync Clips Using “Film TC/Sound TC”.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3031. In some instances, when I/O hardware was enabled, you could not import/transcode to AVCIntra50.
  • Fixed in Media Composer v2019.76
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3036. When working with an HD 1080p 25 project, transcode options changed if I/O hardware was enabled/disabled.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3032. You might have received an “Exception: No Source” error when performing a video mixdown and choosing over/under as a Stereoscopic option.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3086. You could not copy and paste markers using Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3059. You could not save newly created and renamed shared bins in project sub folders.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3041. If you pressed ESC a few seconds after performing a trim, the Timeline did not update correctly.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3026. When consolidating a subclip with “Delete original media files when done” enabled, an unrelated Transcode notification message was displayed.
  • Bug Number: MCCET-3073. AAF exports did not include the media if the clip was muted.
  • Bug Number: ETE-1512. A dark gray fill (instead of black) is provided now in the viewer for Pillar and Letter box areas that are not masked.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11146.  Removed Show Position and Show Effect Contents from the Timeline settings.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-8227. When switching between MXF and OMF media types in the Media Creation window, the window would not refresh until it was reopened.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-8527. The Tool Palette moved position after resizing.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10060. Precomputes were lost when reentering the Avid Titler+Title tool.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10346. An asterisk might have appeared in the Bin name even if no changes had been made to the bin.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10412. You might have experienced problems loading sequences with Avid Titler+ titles between Windows and Mac systems.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10512. Avid Titler+ characters did not maintain relative position between each other during animation playback.
  • Fixed in Media Composer v2019.77
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10624. Scrolling in Text view in a bin was column by column rather than by pixel.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10632. Even when a change was made, the Bin View name did not display in italics to indicate a change to the view had been made.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10801. Changing the sequence name in Frame View did not update the name in the Composer monitor or in the Timeline.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10818. Floating a bin might have resulted in the bin resizing too small.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10880. When creating a Volume Bin, “Export Folder” and “Set location” text does not display correctly if you are working in a Russian locale.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10918. Mapping “Set Bin Display” to a letter on the keyboard did not work.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10934. Typing the first letter of setting displayed the setting at the bottom of the window rather than in the middle of the window.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-10995. When in Frame view, if you dragged a clip to the Source Monitor, the clip would load into the source monitor, but the clip’s thumbnail was moved to an unintended location within the bin.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11131. In some instances, effects with graphic backgrounds did not draw correctly in the track effect dialog.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11145. An Interlaced Roll/Crawl motion effect created with Titler + appeared as a frame motion rather than field motion effect.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11191. Double clicking to float an existing bin always stacked the bin in same position/size and did not retain its last known state.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11231. You might have experienced an occasional crash on exit with AJA 4K hardware attached. You must update to AJA Desktop software v15.2 to see this fix.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11245. The File Cache tab in Media Cache Settings window was cut off and difficult to activate.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11299. The font appeared bold in the Name fields for the Source and Record side of the Composer window.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11317. Titler + titles appeared in the bin without an icon.
  • Fixed in Media Composer v2019.78
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11429. The Name column did not appear as the first column in the Media Tool.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11442.  (Bin Frame view) Clicking near edge of a selected item in the bin while in text-edit mode deselected the item.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11453. The Audio Clip Gain window did not remain open when you tried to enter a value from the keyboard or if you tried to move the slider up with the mouse.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11491. Pressing and holding the ALT key while dragging a number of clips onto the Record monitor did not create a sequence with the clips in the order they were sorted in the bin.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11492. If you selected a dropdown menu in the Inspector Tool and then clicked on another window, focus remained on the Inspector Tool.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11530. Double clicking a clip in Bin Frame view to load in the Composer monitor did not leave focus on the Composer monitor.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11534. The Lock/Unlock Bin options were missing from the Bin Container sidebar context and Fast menus.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11546. You might have received a “Crumb not found” error when deleting markers in the Source monitor.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11550. Perf information was missing in the Setting format pane of a film project.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11562. Tab and Shift+Tab did not allow you to move to the next or previous column in Bin Text View.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11568. With the Interface Brightness set to dark, track numbers were too light when you expanded the Audio Mixer Tool.
  • Bug Number: MCDEV-11569. You might have received a “PMM_SYNC_FAILURE” error when performing an Audio mixdown of a sequence with sub-clips and sample slip.


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