Avid NEXIS version 2019.4.1 is a patch release that fixes the following issues:

  • [SSENG-21404] If multiple Storage Groups are selected for deletion, including the Cloud Storage Group, only the on-premise Storage Groups will be deleted. Deleting the Cloud Storage Group is not supported.
  • [SSENG-21499] After a Media Pack drive was physically removed, the Management Console continued to report it as missing.
  • [SSENG-21504] Microsoft® AzCopy version 10 (Preview) did not work properly with an Avid NEXIS Workspace as the top-level directory parameter as either the source or destination of the copy operation.
  • [SSENG-21540] It was possible to enter a name in the Management Console using an invalid Unicode string that caused the System Director to become unresponsive. Now if an invalid Unicode string is entered, a message is displayed in the Management Console saying “Invalid characters in name.”
  • [SSENG-21550] When the event triggers for any Workspace were edited and the changes saved, if the user then selected any other Workspace while still in Edit mode, the Event Trigger values were not updated for the selected Workspace.
  • [SSENG-21551] In the Client Manager, the protection type for Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces now displays Cloud instead of unprotected.
  • [SSENG-21570] Avid NEXIS | Cloud Storage system stopped responding when user tried to download from a link in the Installers section of the Management Console.
  • [SSENG-21574] The Management Console displayed a warning about unsaved changes when trying to modify additional attributes while creating a new Workspace.
  • [SSENG-21588] A hidden character (which are invalid) was accidentally pasted into a user name field in the Classic Management Console (Flash) and was accepted but not displayed. After upgrading the system to a version using the new Management Console (HTML-5), those hidden characters caused problems. The new Management Console (HTML-5) now ignores hidden characters.
  • [SSENG-21593] The Capacity Tracker (new in version 2019.4) now correctly displays values for Avid NEXIS | Cloud Storage systems.
  • [SSENG-21596] In an Avid NEXIS Enterprise Engine with Media Packs containing drives of different sizes, the system incorrectly reported that a spare drive was not large enough to be used as a spare in such a Media Pack. The system was improperly comparing the size of the spare drive to the largest drive in the Media Pack, instead of (correctly) the smallest.
  • [SSENG-21630, 21518] After an initial Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces activation failure then subsequentsuccess, the Dashboard in the Management Console continued to show Activation Failed in theCloudspaces service field.
  • [SSENG-21646] The Cloud Dashboard in the Management Console displayed incorrect data for Usedspace under Total Cloud Usage.
  • [SSENG-21658] The first attempt to activate Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces failed, but the second activationsucceeded.
  • [SSENG-21666] If access to the DNS server was temporarily lost, the Avid NEXIS system falselyindicated that the Avid NEXIS | Cloudspaces subscription was invalid.
  • [SSENG-21911] Avid NEXIS Linux client was not flushing data as expected in response to fsync() calls.This could affect edit-while-capture scenarios such as FastServe Ingest.

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