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Avid Adaptive Load Balancing

Do you have a workstation that could do with extra bandwidth, but you don’t want to purchase an expensive 10G network card? You can always assign a second network interface on the workstation another IP address from the NEXIS subnet and the NEXIS client will automatically use that second connection. Effectively doubling the bandwidth between the NEXIS and the workstation. Note that this is different from bonding or teaming in which two network interfaces share the same IP address. Speaking of bandwidth

1. Bandwidth Limiting

Do you need to copy a lot of media or archive that just wrapped production without impacting the rest of your team’s ability to edit? Yes? Time to implement Bandwidth Limiting!

Open the Nexis Management console and got to either Home > Bandwidth Limits, to limit the bandwidth of a workstation. Or Home > Users, to limit the bandwidth of a user. By default, all users have their bandwidth set to 0 granting them unrestricted access to the available bandwidth. 

2. Set Drive Space Warnings

Avid nexis 300 Don’t let a suddenly full Workspace and a panicked editor interrupt your weekend! Set Warning Event Triggers on all your Workspaces so you receive a warning when it reaches a set amount of available free space. It’s simple to setup:Home >Workspaces> highlight a workspace and then enter a value for Unused GB < for Warning Event Trigger. Now you’ll have some warning when the Workspace is nearly full allowing you to resize the Workspace (on the fly) and head off that panicked weekend phone call!

Just make sure you’ve setup an email account in Home > Advanced > Notification Service.

3. Delegate or ‘I’m busy! Let someone else deal with it!’

If you’re a trusting soul, you can give another trusted user the ability to resize their own Workspaces.
Just open the Web Console and go to Home > Users highlight the user and tick the Can Resize checkbox to allow the user to resize any Workspaces they have access to. The user can then login the NEXIS Web Console where they will see a limited version of the Web Console where they can easily resize their allocated Workspaces.

4. Flexibility or ‘You edit with what?!’

Nexis isn’t just fast and adaptable storage for use with Avid’s Media Composer. In fact, all the features mentioned above are applicable whether the editor is using Final Cut X, Premiere Pro and whether the workstation is running Windows or MacOS.

Final Cut X - You can happily create a Final Cut X library in a NEXIS Workspace so it can be accessed from any NEXIS client on the network.

Premiere Pro – You can go into Preferences > Media and set the Media Cache Files and Media Cache Database to a NEXIS Workspace. You can also turn on Project Locking so that once a project is opened it’s locked, but other users can still open the Project in read only mode.

5. Talk to Digistor

Need to ensure your Avid NEXIS is set up and configured properly? Talk to Digistor about how Nexis can support workflows for your favorite NLE.

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