After an impressive showing at NAB and IBC, Digistor has recently partnered with Norwegian based Barnfind Technologies, a company that is bringing its BarnOne concept to world of Video Distribution.

The BarnOne concept revolves around several 1RU frames that supports all manner of SFP modules (Small Form Factor Pluggable) based on the MSA (multi-source agreement) standard. Eschewing the propriety (and expensive) SFP modules used by some manufacturers.

We were attracted to the BarnOne’s flexibility and host of features including:

  • A full 32 x 32 router in every BarnOne 1RU frame.
  • Any signal that enters the system can be routed to any output, distributed, converted, monitored and analysed.
  • Extremely high granularity in 1RU – 32 completely separate full bandwidth inputs, 32 completely separate full bandwidth outputs.
  • The BarnOne series can be used as a fixed box or repurposed on the fly to meet any change in demand.
  • Every SFP port is bi-directional.
  • Every BNC port is bi-directional.
  • All ports are re-clocked.
  • Multiple reference switching; the router can be portioned to switch different signal types on different references, both analog and digital reference.
  • The BarnOne platform supports numerous signals in one frame such as common video and telco formats including KVM, SDTI (EVS), SMPTE 2022-6, MADI, SDI to IP, Ethernet, 4K 60p workflows, HDMI, DVI, Serial, GPI/O, CVBS, CAM-CCU (including video, audio, tally, intercom, RCP) etc.>

The BarnOne Series – Something for every video infrastructure

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Barnfind also produce a range of converters called the ‘BarnMini’

This range of devices provides popular conversions such as:

BarnMini - 01 - Coaxial to SFP Converter

The most popular BarnMini. takes in most video electrical signals and converts them to optical. It comes with a second BNC that could be used for monitoring. All outputs are re-clocked.

BarnMini - 02 - SFP to SFP Converter

You can use any SFP from Barnfind or any other SFP as long as they are MSA compatible. The BarnMini – 02 is Barnfind’s ‘Swiss army knife’ due to the flexibility it brings. Allowing you to go from multimode to single mode, taking an Ethernet signal into the fibre, using
it as an affordable optical repeater etc.

Tying it all together - BarnStudio

All this flexible hardware is for naught if there isn’t an easy way to manage the routing. This is where BarnStudio comes in. It’s a Windows based configuration, monitoring and management tool that is quick to learn and simple to control. It allows for the monitoring of signal flow and diagnostics of SFPs, BNCs, many different optical parameters, fans, re-clockers, equalizers and more. Mac users aren’t left out either, as there is a web-based version too!


Barnfind technologies completely standby their products and they come with a standard 2-year warranty that can be extended to 5 years.  

Contact Digistor Sales today to discuss how we can implement Barnfind Technologies to consolidate your video infrastructure while increasing flexibility.