What's new in Cintel 2.1

  • Includes upgrade to DaVinci Resolve‭ ‬14.3
  • Includes upgrade to Desktop Video‭ ‬10.9.12


New features for Cintel Scanner‭

  • ‬Introduces Compressed RAW LossLess and‭ ‬3:1‭ ‬for reduced file sizes.‭
  • Introduces entirely new image stabilizer.‭
  • Now fully crops for all file types for minimum file size.‭
  • ‬Improves artifacts in highlights in negative film.‭
  • Updates to desktop video utility for Cintel devices.‭
  • ‬Adds support for small film reels.‭
  • ‬Slow advance added when holding frame advance buttons.‭
  • ‬Introduces Cintel audio and keykode reader live audio preview.‭
  • ‬Introduces optical audio equalization for flatter response with optical audio.‭
  • ‬Aligns keykode to back edge of code instead of front edge.‭
  • ‬Adds image flipping option when reading audio from negative.‭
  • ‬General performance and stability improvements.


Download Blackmagic Cintel 2.1 for macOS / Windows

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