New branding and e-commerce solution reflects the company's positioning in a changing market

25 years sticker purple_130x128

In 2015 Digistor celebrates 25 years of delivering outstanding services and solutions to the Australian broadcast, vfx, post-production and digital media markets. This year sees the company release new branding, new market positioning and website incorporating a modern e-commerce platform. With these developments, Digistor is communicating its strengths to potential and existing customers while offering a fast and effective transactional purchasing experience to those that need it.

"The commercial environment where we operate has changed dramatically over the last 25 years and Digistor has continually evolved to address these changes," stated Managing Director, Andrew Mooney. "We needed bold and dynamic branding to reflect this evolution while making a statement to the market. With this new branding, I think we have achieved that."

Market Changes

Over the years, many products have become commoditised with product information readily available to all while individual product prices are dropping. At the same time, Digistor found that customers increasingly turned to them for services, expertise and advice to integrate these products into cohesive workflows that satisfy real production goals in environments that are never the same twice.

"We have moved from a supplier of products to a consultative organisation that provides integrated solutions; an organisation that leads with our services and partners with customers to achieve their goals," said Andrew.

The company feels that the new slogan "Now create" reinforces this change and states what customers can achieve once Digistor is involved.

"Everything before the creative process - all the hassle, technical research, proof of concept, set up, maintenance etc. is taken care of by Digistor," said Andrew. "All the customer has to do is create."

New Company Mark

dslogo w slogan green_150x60

The logotype emphasises professional confidence, with an understated but friendly creative flair. The "G" has been replaced by a modified reversed "D" to give the logotype distinctiveness, originality and balance. From the "O" comes an effervescent bubble of creativity, forming from, and bursting out of, the confines of the type, suggesting what Digistor's customers can achieve.

The central bubble works with the "O" to create a target showing that Digistor has "hit the target" - that they "get it".

digistor logo colours 250X289

New colour variations can be used to reflect mood, purpose and personal choice. Using colours, Digistor can add a sense of surprise and playfulness.

"Members of the Digistor team were able to choose their own colour to reflect personal taste and personality," said Andrew.

Modern New Website to Reflect New Purchasing Styles

The new Digistor website provides almost 2 separate sites - the main website and the Digistor Shop Online. This is a deliberate design created with 2 objectives in mind

  1. Provide clear market positioning of Digistor as a high-end integrated solutions and services provider with information about services as well as customer case studies, training, events and more.
  2. Provide a superior shopping experience to those customers that know what they need and want a seamless purchase process with competitive pricing

Customers' purchasing behaviour and requirements in our industry have become increasingly diverged. For each purchase/project there is a requirement to either

  1. involve their supplier on a consultative process to utilise expertise and services to develop and deploy a complete solution, or
  2. to purchase a known product or products quickly and simply

Any individual customer or project may include a mix of both over time. The new Digistor site caters for both these scenarios.

Digistor Shop Online -

dslogo w shoponline blue_250x103

The Digistor Online Store provides effortless shopping for premium audiovisual, production, post-production, storage and digital media products at competitive pricing.

The store has a different colour scheme to the rest of the site and is dedicated to e-commerce with all of the modern internet shopping features that customers have come to demand. It is mobile responsive, includes compare, wish-list and review functionality and has a streamlined 1-step checkout.

New eCommerce Sales Specialist

Digistor enaged a full-time eCommerce Sales Specialist, Stephanie Hanly-Jones to manage the eCommerce business. Stephanie worked for over 5 months with developers to provide the best shopping experience in the industry.