The License Server version 4.5.0 introduces the ability to migrate your licenses from a physical dongle to your online Chaos Group account. This means that once transferred, your licenses will be available to you from anywhere and at any time without the need for a dongle to be plugged in your machine. The sections below provide information on dongle eligibility and a step-by-step guide of the migration process.


Dongle eligibility

Once you have updated the License Server to version 4.5.0 or later, the option to transfer your dongle licenses online will be available to you, only if certain criteria are met:

  • Only one dongle must be plugged in
  • WibuKey driver must be version 6.00 or newer
  • The dongle must be plugged in the same machine where the license server is running
  • Online licensing must be activated
  • A valid user must be logged in


Please note:

  • Version 2.x can not be migrated, only 2.x products with expiration date can be transferred. There are no limitations for transferring products with version 3.0 and later.
  • The migration can not be reverted. Once your dongle licenses are successfully transferred online, they can not be transferred back to your dongle.

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