A Radically New Workflow for Post

cineX allows you to directly overwrite audio, video or captions to files you've already exported. Now content creators can create instead of being bogged down for hours re-rendering and re-exporting.

Whether it's SD, HD, or 4K, cineX supports insert edit to and from the most popular delivery standards including Pro Res, XDCAM, DNxHD/HR and AVC-I.

Try it for yourself. Trial licenses are now available from Digistor.

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  • USB dongles are not required for cineXinsert. Licenses can be installed on the computer where cineXtools is installed. If you prefer an iLok USB key, they must be Second Generation or newer.
  • Additionally, you need a iLok user ID and iLok license manager application. If you do not yet have an iLok account, create one for free via the link at the top left of the iLok home page: ilok.com
  • Need help getting started with cineXtools? Check out the FAQ here: (FAQ: Might I get some help with my license?)